7 Quick & Easy Hairstyles with Hair Bundles

7 Quick & Easy Hairstyles with Hair Bundles

Social media feeds are flooded with gorgeous hairstyles that are tricky to attempt and difficult to maintain.  As beautiful as they appear, most hairstyles are hard to achieve without the assistance of a professional. At times, we feel we are losing out on the current trends and are slacking in our hair-game, akin to FOMO.

So, if you're seeking some hair inspirations to stay up with the game, go no further than these hairstyles with hair bundles that are suitable for all ladies out there.

You can elevate your whole look by just jazzing up your hair. Use some hair bundles to get beautiful hairstyles and just look awesome!

Why are Hair bundles needed?

Whenever we do hairstyles that need to look different and speak sass and charm, we should use hair bundles. They help in-

  • Increasing the length of hair.
  • Increasing the hair volume.
  • Protecting your real hair from heat styling tools.
  • Giving you the freedom to do versatile hairstyles.

You can use hair bundles to increase your hair length and volume to achieve the style you wish for. So let’s not make you wait more and give you 7 stunning hairstyle suggestions that are easy to make with the help of hair bundles.

  1. Waves of Hollywood

Hairstyle with glossy curls

Get This Red-carpet Look Effortlessly

These deep, carved waves with a glossy, flawless finish screams glamour. Hollywood waves the easiest curly hairstyles to create using hair bundles.

We'll utilize a technique called horizontal curling to get this appearance. Follow the simple steps to get that ultimate Hollywood-diva look.

  • Starting at the nape of your neck, separate a two-inch-wide strand of hair. Brush your row completely and put the remainder of your hair up.
  • Hold your hair in a horizontal posture & insert your curling tong at the roots of your hair. Wrap your hair inwards around it while keeping it horizontal for 30 secs.
  • Allow your hair to cool for five to ten minutes after removing the tong.
  • Continue with the next two-inch row, then the remainder of your hair, tonging it all in the same way and letting it cool before spraying it to set it.

There you have some gorgeous hairstyle that is red-carpet ready!

2.   Fake It Until You Make It

Ready to wear faux bangs

Ready-made Faux Bangs

Bangs are never out of style! Fake bangs may be obtained from any wig store. The challenge is to make them appear realistic. However, if you have adequate length, you may create the illusion of bangs with your hair. It's extremely effective on highly curly hair.

The steps are so simple to follow.

  • Simply pull your hair forward over your brow instead of back towards the nape of your neck in a reverse ponytail.
  • Use a scarf or headband to make the faux bangs look more authentic.

To create more volume, add some human hair bundles & get that fluffy bangs to go. Now isn’t that interesting? Bangs without the bangs.

3.   Knotted Piggies

Lady with knotted ponytail hairstyle

Naughty Knots

The freedom to experiment with that comes from long hair is simply amazing. Even if your hair is short, use hair bundles to increase the length and try this laid-back-cool twisted ponytail.

  • Separate your hair into two equal portions, secure with a little elastic around jaw height.
  • Knot a strand of hair around the first pigtail's base and weave downward until you run out of hair, then secure with another hair tie.
  • Pull the hair on either side of the pigtail outward to create a bubble look, then add other elastic several inches below.
  • Repeat the knotting techniques above, adding one last elastic several inches from the bottom if you have enough hair.
  • Rep with the other pigtail.

 You have a chic hairstyle to go for the day or night.

4.   Bubble ponytail

Long bubble ponytail

Bubble Up Your Pony-Game

This bubble ponytail is much easier to pull off than knotted pigtails. And looks more elegant & tidy. Something that our busy women would like for a busy day.

 To get the look, simply follow the steps below:

  • Apply a little application of hairspray for grip and texture before brushing back into a ponytail.
  • Brush through the ponytail, teasing a little at the root.
  • Give hair ties every few inches along with the ponytail, pushing at the sides between each one to add volume.

Adding bubbles to your hair, seriously, who would have thought, right?

You can recreate this look easily with IHI's virgin Indian hair and virgin Brazilian hair bundle deals.

5.   Half Space-Bun

Half space-buns hairstyle

For The 90’s Kids

Space buns are a '90s throwback that will never go out of style. This half-up look is completely trending among celebrities & influencers.

To achieve this SPACE-Y yet easy style, follow these steps:

  • Begin by evenly putting a pea-size texturizer on your hands and then into the half-up areas of your hair bundles to keep flyaways, frizzy, and baby hairs in place.
  • Using the small elastics, make half-up space buns that look like two high pigtails.
  • On the last pull-through, wrap the elastic only approximately one-third of the way through the hair.
  • Then, using the remaining strand that was not pulled through, wrap or braid it around the outside of the bun.
  • Use another small elastic or two bobby pins crossed at the base of the buns to attach these ends. This will assist in supporting your fashionable space buns, so they don't fall flat no matter where you are in the cosmos.

Call that a space bun; it’s utterly out of this world, right guys?

6.   Twist In The Bun

Collage of twisted bun hairdo

Bun With Some Twisted Fun

This astonishing twist doesn't appear to be all that complicated, does it? The twist in the bun, as the name suggests, is precisely what the name says.

 To obtain the style,  follow the instructions below:

  • Begin by applying a moisturizing cream to clean, dry strands of your hair bundle.
  • Then, twist the hair into the appropriate form with a decorative hair stick. Allow a few inches at the ends to be free.
  • Spritz some hairspray on the loose hair and brush it out.
  • Using bobby pins, secure the remaining hair to the twist.

A bun with a twist, now that’s what we call some fun over the bun.


7.   Funky Chunks Of Curls

Classic curls hairstyle with bundle hair

Curls Are Girls New BFF

Gorgeous chunky twists are a terrific way to protectively dress long, curly hair.

 To achieve this stunning hairdo, simply follow the guidelines below.

  • Make a crisp, somewhat off-center portion with a comb.
  • Divide your hair into two pieces in the front. These are what will be utilized to make the twists.
  • Begin by twisting roughly half of the sectioned-off hair into the first two-strand twist. Continue twisting diagonally from the hairline back until you reach the ends.
  • Perform three twists on each side. The thickest one should be closest to the hairline and the farthest in.
  • Then, continue styling the remaining curls, as usual, using your favorite products and scrunching with a microfiber cloth.

To get your desired look, you may choose any textured hair. As you are going to twist your hair, you might wanna get some long hair bundles.

Bottom Line

Hair bundles let you change up your style whenever you desire! You can keep your extensions looking new by rotating between different styles.

Begin styling your hair with the above stunning and basic hairstyles with or without hair bundles and tell us which one was your favorite.