Everything about Lace Front Wigs - The Ultimate Guide for Hair Stylists

Everything about Lace Front Wigs - The Ultimate Guide for Hair Stylists

Whether you’re a hair stylist or just someone who is interested in lace front wigs, this guide will take you through the ins and outs of lace front wigs and leave you wanting more.

Lace front wigs offer natural-looking hairlines that blend seamlessly with the natural skin tone. A lace front wig is a great option for those who are trying to fight the signs of hair loss, giving themselves a bit of a makeover, or only wanting to protect their natural hair. 

The base of a lace front wig is flesh coloured lace. Hair is built upon this lace. The advantage of such a wig is that it blends with the skin of the scalp making it almost impossible for anyone to detect that the hair is not growing naturally from your head. Isn’t that clever?

What exactly is a lace front wig?

Lace front wigs are called lace front wigs because of the sheer lace panel at the front of the wig that extends from the left to the right ear. The lace front of the wig is designed to give the most realistic-looking hairline and to make it seem like the hair on the wig is attached right to the scalp. Because lace front wigs fit so snugly on the head - they’re made with a comfortable and breathable cap that lets the scalp get all the air needed to remain cool while a person is wearing the wig. No one likes a sweaty scalp!

Lace front wigs usually have a lace front cap or a monofilament cap that’s made from lace or monofilament or both.  

When it comes to lace front wigs there are a few crucial things that a client may look for when hunting down that perfect piece for themselves.

The construction is the first. Lace front wigs come with lace caps that fit snugly on the head to create an all-natural look. Hair is individually tied to the lace to begin the perfect cap construction that merges the natural hair with the cap of the wig seamlessly to create a flawless look. 

Then there’s the application of  lace front wigs. We’ll take you from prepping the scalp for the wig to styling the result. All the important tips and tricks that you don’t want to miss are here. We’ll also take you through the basics of lace front wig maintenance - how to tell the client to keep the  wig looking as natural and healthy as the day they first bought it. If it’s styling tips you need - we got those too. 

So here’s our comprehensive guide on lace front wigs. 

Choosing the Right Wig 

How does a client pick out the lace front wig that’s most right for them? Or how do you advise your client to pick the most comfortable wig? To do this you have to keep a few things in mind. 

The first decision that must be made is whether to use a wig with  natural human hair or one made of  synthetic fibers. Natural human hair gives the most natural appearance but it also costs the most. Human hair lace front wigs are also easier to style because they use real human hair. The natural human hair lace front wigs are resistant to heat and that’s another reason that they’re easier to style. 

Synthetic wigs on the other hand are more affordable and require less maintenance. Then there are the colors, textures and lengths to choose from. The options that can be offered are  for something short and curly or  blonde and long, or brunette and straight - in fact, the options are endless. You’re also going to want to suggest a wig that’s comfortable to wear. That choice will depend entirely on the wig size that is chosen and its appropriateness for the scalp in question.. Depending on how often the wig will be worn it is also necessary to point out how durable it is before the client buys it. . 

Applying a Lace Front Wig 

Preparing Your Hair: 

Prepping the hair for the lace front wig is perhaps the most important step. You want to make sure that the natural hair of the wearer  is neatly tucked away so that you can apply the lace front wig with minimum fuss. Simply wash and condition the hair and then braid or pin it against the head for longer hair and if the wearer hast shorter hair consider tying it into a low bun or using a wig cap to flatten it. 

Prepping the Wig:

You’ll then want to prep the  wig. It’s a simple matter of combing out the curls and tangles with a wide-toothed comb. Remember, using a wide-toothed comb is super important because it ensures that the tangles don’t multiply and you’re not left with a tangled mess rather than a good-looking wig. 

Securing the Wig: 

Position the wig on the head, aligning the front edge of the lace with the natural hairline. Use wig clips or adhesive (like wig tape or glue) to secure the wig in place. Be sure to follow the instructions provided with the adhesive products for optimal results.

Blending the Edges: 

Carefully trim the excess lace along the front hairline, leaving a thin and natural-looking edge. Apply foundation or concealer that matches the skin tone to the lace, ensuring a seamless blend between the wig and the skin.


Once the wig is securely in place, you can style it as desired using heat-styling tools, products, and accessories. Be mindful of the wig's material and follow the recommended guidelines for heat application to avoid damage.

Different Types of Lace 

When  picking out the perfect lace front wig  - you’ll also have to choose between the different types of lace.

Swiss Lace

Swiss lace gives the most natural and undetectable look and is a great choice if you want to give the wearert a seamless and natural look. It’s more delicate and fragile than other types of lace and should be handled by an expert or a stylist as it takes a lot of careful work to apply.

French Lace

French lace is slightly thicker and more durable than Swiss lace. It offers a balance between natural appearance and strength, making it a popular choice for lace front wigs.

HD Lace

HD lace is a newer development in the world of lace front wigs. It is thinner, softer, and more transparent than traditional lace, creating an almost invisible hairline. HD lace is ideal for clients seeking the most realistic and undetectable results.

So there you have it - your lace front wig 101. Be sure to check out IHI for a look at some of the best lace front wigs out there.