Virgin Indian Curly Bundle

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 IHI’s Virgin Indian Curly Bundle is made from premium quality human hair that is untouched and unprocessed. The curls on this hair are soft yet dynamic. This hair is ideal for weaving and is all you need for full coverage! The curls are obtained naturally as the hair is directly sourced from donors, and this ensures the hair's health remains intact. Available in a number of lengths, Virgin Indian Curly Bundle is versatile and offers the wearer the freedom to experiment with a number of hairstyles.

Curl Pattern: Because our Virgin Indian human hair selections come from an individual donor (one head of hair), the curl patterns can vary from a very loose, subtle curl to a deeper, more defined curl and cannot be guaranteed from piece-to-piece.


  • Lengths: 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, 30”
  • Weight: 3.5oz-4oz (100 grams)
  • Hair: 100% Virgin Indian Human Hair
  • Color: Natural Virgin Color (1B-2)
  • Type: Remy Single Drawn


Remy Single Drawn (RSD)
RSD hair is the best quality premium human hair available. Each selection has been sourced from one donor, all the cuticles are intact and you will notice each selection of RSD has a natural taper at the end. Each selection of RSD virgin hair has undergone a stringent quality assurance process to ensure it is free of imperfections. This product can last well up to a year with proper care.

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