Virgin Indian Wavy Lace Front Wig

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Lace Front Wigs now available! Our new, premium, Natural Wavy wigs combine meticulous craftsmanship with our trademark Virgin Indian Wavy hair.

Weight: 18" - (200gms)  |  22" - (220gms)
Circumference: 23.5”

About the Product

With its extravagant abilities to offer a quick and easy style change, what’s better than a low-maintenance wavy lace front wig? Our premium quality Virgin Indian Wavy Hair is paired with meticulous craftsmanship and our love for all things trendy to create a lace front wig that is sure to exceed all expectations. With ample lace at the front secured to a sturdy base, you are free to part and style your hair whichever way you like. Lay all your worries to rest and flaunt the perfect bounce offered by this glueless wig!

The product is available in 2 variants.

  • Length : 18 inches
  • Weight : 200 grams
  • Circumference : 23.5 inches
  • Method of Installation : Adjustable Straps
  • Hair Type : 100% Virgin Indian Hair
  • Length : 22 inches
  • Weight : 220 grams
  • Circumference : 23.5 inches
  • Method of Installation : Adjustable Straps
  • Hair Type : 100% Virgin Indian Hair
What is Virgin Indian Hair?
Virgin Indian Hair is hair that has been sourced from India. We purchase large quantities of human hair from the temples of India and preselect the hair we sell to our customers. This hair has never undergone any chemical treatments, which is to say that it has never been colored, dyed, bleached or permed. This ensures and maintains the health of the hair. We have a very thorough 3-tier quality inspection process, ensuring you receive a premium product free of imperfections.
How long does Virgin Indian Hair last?
With proper care, this hair can last up to 2 years or more. This is the reason why Virgin Indian Hair is the most sought-after hair for wigs, weaves, and hair extensions.
Why are lace front wigs popular?
Lace front wigs offer the wearer the freedom to part and style their hair whichever way they like. The material is breathable and versatile, making it comfortable to wear for long hours.Virgin Indian Wavy Lace Front Wig presents a natural hairline when worn, with soft and bouncy waves perfect for a daytime look.
How do I install wigs?
Installing glueless wigs is easy. Secure your own natural hair in braids and lay them flat on your head. Proceed to wear a wig cap, followed by your glueless lace front wig. Style as you wish. For more details, visit our article A Beginner’s Guide To Glueless Wigs.
Can I heat style this hair?
Since this hair is 100% human hair, it can be heat styled as you would your normal hair. We recommend you use a heat protectant before beginning to style your hair.
How do I care for this hair?
Washing this wig with cool water every 10-15 days you wear it is recommended. Allow it to air dry. Remember to use sulfate, parabens, and ammonia-free products while cleansing this hair. Always begin washing and combing your human hair wigs from the bottom up to avoid any shedding and tangling.

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