Hair Terminology

Wefted Hair for Weaving

Machine Wefts:
Machine wefts are made using a sewing machine. Machine weft extensions are the most common and most sturdy and can be cut without much shedding or unraveling.


Hand Wefts:
Hand tied wefts are wefted by hand and are much thinner than machine wefts. If you have fine hair or are concerned about visibility or bulky Machine Wefts, Hand wefted hair will give you a more natural look. Hand wefted hair is a specialized product that should be installed by a skilled stylist with experience using them.



Prebonded/Keratin Hair:
All strands or prebonded tips are used to add length or color to your existing hair. All of our strands are tipped with Swiss, Italian or French keratin of the finest quality.

Prebonded Hair Extensions are available in Fusion or I-tips. Fusion Hair can be directly applied to your existing hair by fusion of heat to keratin. Fusion hair extensions are available in Flat Tip, U-Tip, V-Tip and Nail Tip. I-tips are a type of strand extension in which the end, I-tip, actually resemble the end of a shoelace. This long narrow cylinder shaped strand extension is used with a round tube or micro ring. Both a strand of hair and the strand extension are fit into the micro ring and fastened.



Clip On Extensions:
Clip in hair extensions are the easiest way to add length, volume and color to your hair. Clip in products are a great alternative to traditional methods of installation and give you the ability to change your appearance immediately.


Hair Pieces

Closures & Frontals:
Closures and Frontals are small lace pieces that are designed to compliment your look. They can be used to develop your style and blend well with most wefted hair selections.