What is Virgin Hair?

At India Hair International, you are getting the best quality hair extensions at affordable price points. We are your go-to place when you are in need of 100% Virgin Hair Extensions!

There are many advantages as to why Virgin Hair Extensions are the wiser choice than buying hair from the Beauty Supply Store.

Our Indian Hair Extensions come from one, single donor. What does this mean? It means you are receiving the most premium quality in the market. All the cuticles are in-tact and aligned in the same direction. Therefore, you won't experience tangling. Additionally, the wefts of our hair extensions are triple-sewn to ensure minimal to no shedding.

With proper care and maintenance, your hair extensions will last up to over a year while Beauty Supply Store hair will only last you for a couple of months, if you are fortunate.

Hair extensions sold at Beauty Supply Stores are often dubbed with a commonly-used marketing term as "Remy".

At Beauty Supply Stores, their "Remy" hair is not really "Virgin" or "Remy" at all. In fact, a large percentage of human hair extensions (including commercial "Remy") available at Beauty Supply Stores are very low quality hair. It is often mixed with animal or synthetic fibers known as "filler hair".

Many Beauty Supply hair purchasers are enamored by their initial contact of the hair. At first, it is so soft and silky to the touch! Who doesn't want that? To achieve this, here is how the usual process goes. Hair manufacturers start out with non-Remy hair, hair that has been collected from multiple donors. Because it comes from multiple donors, the cuticles are misaligned. When cuticles are facing in different directions, one will encounter tangling.

To avoid tangling, they remove all the cuticles by soaking the hair in an acid bath, chemically process it for a specific texture, and then apply hair dye to it. To finish, they coat the hair with silicone, which enhances the hair with shine and makes it "tangle-free", temporarily of course.

What you end up with is beautiful, shiny hair! After several washes- the silicone finish eventually comes off, leaving your hair dry, stiff, matted, and unmanageable. Because the hair has undergone such a harsh process prior, the hair is too damaged and weak to withstand further styling such as the application of heat or hair dye.

While hair extensions sold at Beauty Supply Stores are beautiful at first, you will be left with a dreadful mess long-term. Not only does it look synthetic and unnatural, it can also cause scalp irritation and allergies to individuals who are sensitive to harsh chemical, synthetic and/or animal fibers.

If you are looking for hair just for a special event, for a very short-term use (few days), or not planning on re-installing the hair, then Beauty Supply Store hair just may be for you.

If you are the type who appreciates a good investment towards great quality hair, Virgin Hair Extensions are perfect for you. Here are the reasons why- With Virgin Hair Extensions, you are able to wear sew-ins as a protective style or you can make a wig for numerous uses.

With proper care and maintenance, your hair will last up to over a year! This means with just one purchase, you can install, take a break, and re-install it for as many times as you please.

With our Indian Hair Extensions, you can treat it as if it's your own hair: wash it, dye it, and apply heat styling! In the long run, you will be saving money and multiple trips to the Beauty Supply Store if you wear hair extensions on a normal basis.

Because Virgin Hair is 100% natural, human hair - you can blend it with your own hair with ease. At India Hair International, we carry different types of products suitable to your hair extension needs.

Our products are available for immediate shipment within the United States. We export our products all over the world and offer a full range of products including: Machine Weft, Hand Weft, Bulk, Frontals, Closures, Clip-ins, and Keratin Tips.