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10 Iconic Black Celebrities’ Red-Carpet Hair Moments!

You already know it's the best time for beauty inspiration whenever it is award season. Everyone from everyday folks to people involved in the beauty industry wait with bated breath to see what our favorite Black celebrities are wearing. 

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10 iconic Black celebrities' red-carpet hair moments

Black celebrities have created countless iconic red carpet hair moments using virgin human hair bundles as they slay designer outfits and expertly-painted makeup.

Let us honor the top 10 iconic Black celebrities' red-carpet hair moments!

1. Halle Berry’s Pixie Cut

pixie haircut

The iconic pixie haircut 

Can it even be considered an iconic Black celebrities' red-carpet hair list if we don’t mention Halle Berry’s pixie haircut from the 74th Academy awards in 2002?

She exudes glam wherever she goes! Her bold and feisty haircut defined an era for Black women everywhere. 

If you were already in the hair business in the early 2000s, you already know what we are talking about. Women everywhere brought her red carpet photo to hairstylists to capture some of her magic! 

2. Solange Knowles’s Refreshing Big Chop

beautiful big chop
Bold and beautiful big chop

If you are a hair business veteran, you also know that the natural hair movement gained mainstream media attention in 2009. That is all thanks to none other than Solange Knowles.  

Like many other Black celebrities, Solange is practically synonymous with great hair on and off the red carpet. 

But, this hair moment is one of the most powerful when it comes to notable step-and-repeats. The singer left heads-turning by walking the red carpet with her hair freshly cropped. 

Her "big chop" in Samantha Thavasa Disney Collection, 2009 became a cultural phenomenon, demonstrating how fashionable the process of growing out one's natural hair can be. 

3. Rihanna’s Bantu Knots 

Black celebrities
The Bantu knots are still a trend among younger Black celebrities 

Are we surprised to see RiRi on the iconic Black celebrities' red-carpet hair moments list? 

Rihanna’s take on the Bantu Knots on iHeartRadio in 2014 was edgy yet sophisticated. Thanks to her, we have seen many younger Black celebrities rock Bantus Knots on red carpets with their take on it.

4. Zendaya’s Faux Locs

Hair Moments
Zendaya never misses!

When Zendaya strolls down the red carpet, she'll serve and deliver! She looked stunning in waist-length faux locs at the 2015 Academy Awards. 

Her waist-length faux locs like a lion's mane were everything she embodies, a symbol of strength and beauty! 

Fun Fact: Barbie honored Zendaya with her one-of-a-kind Barbie doll in honor of her iconic 2015 Academy Awards look. 

5. Lupita Nyong'o’s Embellished Afro

Iconic Black Celebrities
Black celebrities everywhere praised the look for representing Black Power

The Met Gala is a star-studded event graced by many A-list Black celebrities, including Lupita Nyong'o.

For Met Gala 2019, she hit the red carpet with a spectacular rainbow tulle gown and her 'Fro updo, embellished with several gold-hued Afro picks.

She continues to illustrate the strength of black hair texture, that it is the most luscious and moldable hair texture there is. Black celebrities and everyday folks praised her for showing just how unique and versatile black hair truly is!

6. Diana Ross’s Voluminous Fluffy Crown

Fluffy Crown
Crown of hair

In 1988's 30th Grammy Awards, Diana Ross graced the viewers with one of her most iconic hair moments with her distinctively long, voluminous, fluffy crown of hair.

She exudes glamour not only on the red carpet but everywhere she goes. The 30th Grammy Awards became known as the Diana Ross Hair Show thanks to her crown of hair, which many Black celebrities still try to take inspiration from to this day.

7. Janet Jackson’s Ponytail Box Braids

Ponytail Box Braids
Black celebrities making history 

Although Janet Jackson has had several iconic hairstyles, we love her iconic hairdo from her 1993's 35th Grammy Awards.

Her box braids are pulled back into a high ponytail and finished with a headband that has been cleverly transformed into a ponytail holder. You can recreate this look using virgin human braiding hair extensions!

8. Naomi Campbell's Timeless Puff On Straight Hair

Straight Hair
Naomi Campbell's effortless sleek hair

As one of the most well-known figures in the fashion world, Naomi Campbell's effortless sense of style should not come as a surprise.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell slayed our collective existence while glittering from head to toe on the Life Ball red carpet with a timeless puff on her signature straight hair extensions.

9. Queen B’s Bedazzled Cornrow Ponytail

Cornrow Ponytail
Queen B, the trendsetter among young Black celebrities 

In this list, we are honoring Queen B’s look at the Hollywood premiere of The Lion King in 2019. 

She wore a magnificent tuxedo dress with crystal embroidery and a long, straight ponytail with small pin curls. Her hairstyle is completed with a pin curl from the 1920s and cornrows in a wavy pattern. 

It is a reference to the Classic Disney era of the early 1930s combined with a traditional African braiding hairstyle done in a very modern manner. Kind of like the new live-action Lion King, aren't they? 

10. Viola Davis’s Disco Curls 

Disco Curls
The voluminous disco curls

Viola Davis has continued to turn heads on the red carpet throughout the award seasons. 

Remember when she wore disco curls and blue smoky eye makeup for the 2018 Oscars creating a disco-inspired dream look? Fans and Black celebrities alike loved her look!

Her hair was pulled back toward her head in a smooth center part to boost the star's natural hair volume. 


Well, that completes our list of the top 10 iconic Black celebrities' red-carpet hair moments that live in our minds rent-free! 

With all the vintage hairstyles making a huge comeback, be sure to bookmark this list so you can give your clients some major inspiration from our Black celebrities!

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