water wave hair

21 Water Wave Hair Hairstyles Trending Right Now

There is no doubt that wavy hairstyles have been a fashion statement for decades, and having natural waves is every girl's dream.
It practically goes well with all the face shapes and fits in with any event you attend. There is a big "but" to having flawless water wave hair, though. 
It can be challenging to manage and tedious to pull them off for beginners.  
That's why we're here to make your messy mornings, or any other day when you want to look great, a whole lot easier.  

water wave hair

The best water wave hairstyles for you

We've put up a list of the trendiest cuts and styles for water wave hair. If you think waves are only for women with long hair, don't worry. Short water waves are also on the list!

Whether you want to be a glam factor with exquisite S-waves or keep things more laid-back with a more subtle beachy vibe, there's a wavy hairstyle for you. 

Some women may be concerned about damage, but we have a solution for that as well. Wavy Hair Extensions in our collection is what we suggest. 

With that being said, let's have a look at twenty one hairstyles that will make your water wave hair gorgeous!

1: Sleek Center Part

water wave braiding hair

water wave short crochet hairstyles

Showcase your natural wavy hair texture and opt for a minimalist-chic middle part. 

It depends on where you are wearing this hairstyle, but we are sure it will bring out the best in you.

2: Glam Curls

water wave hair packs

 Glamorous curls for the new you

 With these smooth, lustrous, defined curls, go for an old Hollywood glamor style. 

 A red carpet style that will make you feel and look like a celebrity. 

You can bleach it to bring out the vibrancy of your water wave hair.

3: Pixie Shag

water wave hair passion twist

 A modern spin to the classic shag (short water wave hair)

When you combine a classic cut with the most trendy style, this is what you get, a water wave hair worth flaunting. 

The cut emphasizes lengthy layers at the top and short, soft bangs for a low-maintenance look. 

The pixie shag is a modern spin on the classic shag that looks best on shorter hair and has a throwback vibe. This hairstyle is both easy to maintain and gorgeous.

4: Curly Water Wave Lob

lulutress water wave hair

The lob hairstyle with water wave bundles

The lob is a good alternative if you like the classic bob but don't want to give up your length. It has all the attributes of a bob for medium or long hair. 

The lob haircut has a lot of structure, so your water wave hair can keep its lightness while moving freely. 

The lob is still popular because it allows you to have a bob haircut without committing to the length loss that comes with it.  

It gives you a lot of styling options while still allowing you to put your hair up in a ponytail!

5: Curly Blunt Cut

 freetress water wave hair

Water wave hair with a blunt cut

The blunt cut is undoubtedly one of the most trendy hairstyles for a water wave hair look. 

This haircut is attractive because it is the same length all around and emphasizes your waves. 

This clean and modest haircut is a low-maintenance style ideal for individuals who prefer a minimalistic appearance.

6: Retro Hollywood

 water wave hair passion twist

This retro deep chop will enhance your natural waves 

For short hair, the vintage appearance is ideal for those who want to experiment with retro style at a party or any occasion. 

Consider using a structuring gel to define your tresses and make this water wave hair pop.

7: Deep Wavy Layers

 lulutress water wave hair

Water wave hair for locs

Layers are always a good idea, especially when it comes to enhancing your water wave hair texture. 

If going short is too much of a change for you, this lengthier version of the flip may be more comfortable. 

To keep the lengths bouncy, this design features a lot of layers with a distinct finish.

8: Modern Shag

 freetress water wave braiding hair

A fashion icon for years to come

The shag cuts were a fashion icon in 2021 and will continue to be famous for years to come. 

Blunt ends, layers around the crown of the head, and loads of texture characterize this modern shag. 

The fringe is the key to this look, as it draws attention to your cheekbones and softens your face, making you appear younger. 

Use a dry shampoo to give structure and volume to this water wave hair.

9: The Wolf Cut

 freetress water wave crochet hair

The wolf cut for water wave hair

There is no denying that this popular style has been spotted on celebrities in recent months. 

The free-flowing versatility of this hairstyle is the secret. This look is a terrific wash-and-go style that enables maximum hair movement with the right texture. 

Short layers are always a plus point, but it's the curtain bangs that tie everything together for a water wave hair look. 

Consider parting your locks and scrunching a little of mousse onto the ends to really bring out the texture.

10: Angled Bob

 water wave freetress hair

A unique and trendy angled bob

It's all about the angles with this water wave hair. The crisp cut creates a dramatic, clean look. 

You can visit a stylist that can help you angle the cut to meet your jawline. 

With such a unique cut, you'll want to keep a texturizing spray on hand to freshen and amp up your water wave hair.

11: Classic Pixie

 water wave crochet hair

The cute pixie water wave hair

A classic pixie cut is always a good choice. The key is cutting the back and sides while leaving about three inches of waves on top. 

You may choose how short you want it to be and what works best for your face shape; this cut is very versatile. 

This hairstyle choice is perfect for those who are not really into long water wave hair.

12: Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

 water wave hair crochet

Take your basic bob to the next level with this water wave hairstyle

This style is ready to take the basic blunt bob to the next level. Rather than cutting the ends uniformly, this style plays with the length for a sleek, edgy effect. 

A wavy asymmetrical bob is a great way to give you a classy update to your look.

13: French Bob

 water wave hair for butterfly locs

Water wave hair crochet
The French bob, which is often cut to the hairline with a modest progression to the nape of the neck, looks wonderful with a water wavy hair pattern. 

The texture will give the French bob the right amount of movement and volume for an effortless, elegant look.

14: Bouncy Wave

 water wave passion twist hair

This long-length look with water wave bundles

This style sits down below the collarbone and looks like your hair is bouncing off your shoulders. 

You'll still have enough length for other hairstyles and a lot more styling possibilities. 

A lightweight leave-in conditioner for smooth, bouncy waves is a good idea, as is using a dry shampoo while styling your water wave hair.

15: Messy/Choppy Bob

 freetress water wave braiding hair

A choppy and fun bob to try

While the lob is a more to-the-point type of hairstyle, the choppy option allows for a messy and fun look.

The shoulder-length style emphasizes uneven ends, which, when combined with water wave hair, results in layers for a low-maintenance water wave hair look.

16: Layered Bob

 water wave braiding hair

For shorter lengths, the layered bob is a perfect go-to hairstyle

This bob haircut involves cutting the hair into layers of various lengths to have texture, movement, and the appearance of additional volume. 

It's a terrific cut for people with different hair types and face shapes, but it's especially best for ladies with thin or fine hair.

17: Long Waves 

water wave crochet hair pack

Long hair look with Virgin Indian Water Wave Hair Bundle

Here's to all the ladies who envy long waves. This style keeps your length while showcasing your unique water wave hair. 

For women with long wavy hair, messy hair is a casual and joyful style. 

For those beachy sensations, it's usually worn with minimal layers and a center part or even with bangs.

18: Beach Waves

 water wave crochet hair styles

The beachy and elegant water wave hair

Who doesn't want long hair with a water wave hair pattern? This cut keeps the long mane's natural flow flawless with minimal trimming.

You can keep the style looking gorgeous for longer by running a round brush through the waves whenever you get time.

19: Wavy Curtain bangs

 water wave hair

Wavy and wispy curtain bangs

When it comes to bangs, the fashionable look is still all the rage in 2022. 

The face-framing pieces are exactly what your water wave hair requires to pop. 

It goes with almost any length or face shape, so have fun with it.

20: Slicked-Back Low Ponytail

 freetress water wave hair

The sleek back low ponytail with water wave bundles

Pull your ponytail all the way down to the nape of your neck, smooth the tip of your hair, and fluff your water wave hair curls for a stunning look for any event.

21: Long Bob

 water wave crochet hair

Long bob with water wave hair bundle

With lengthy layers of curls, this long bob is an excellent way to glam up your water wave hair look. 

It's a beautiful all-around style for fine and thick hair that's low-maintenance and looks chic.


So there you have it, the perfect water wave hairstyles that will match all of your wavy hair fantasies. 

They are definitely a great option to revamp your old look for a more fun and trendy summer vibe for 2022. 

Don't worry if you are not sure if these hairstyles will be worth the commitment because they definitely will, and if you still feel like you do not want to do it with your natural hair.

Check out our water wave hair bundles to recreate the above hairstyles. 

Come on, ladies, give yourself and your hair the glam it deserves! Shop now.