6 Steps to Make your Wig look good

6 Steps to Make your Wig look good

Wigs are a lifesaver for Women

Tired of having hair that doesn't go with your appearance? You must try wearing a wig. Wearing wigs helps you boost your confidence and gives a completely new look. Wigs come in different textures such as straight or wavy and in different sizes. However, when you decide to wear a wig for short hair, it is important to know about the steps of wearing a wig that makes you look like a completely different person. Don't worry! India Hair International is here to help you solve the problems related to this. Some of the steps to make the wig look good are; 

Curly wigs1. Get a wig that fits your head

Knowing the size of the head makes it easier to choose a wig

Before you purchase a  wig, make sure you find the right fit for yourself. Though there are adjustable straps on the wig for short hair, it is difficult to find the right one. Using the cloth measuring tape follow the steps below:

  1.  Measure from the bottom of the forehead to the back of the head
  2. Measure from ear to ear along the top of the head 
  3. Measure at the bottom of the hairline along the back of the head
  4. Measure the distance from the temple to the temple on the back of the head.
  5. Measure the circumference by wrapping tape around the forehead, behind the ears and the back of the head.
  1. Reduce gloss


Curly Wigs

Reducing gloss in your wig to achieve a natural look

Wigs with too much gloss look fake and unnatural. To prevent the wig from becoming too shiny, sprinkle powder on it and comb it to make the wig look more natural. Alternatively you can dip some dry shampoo on the wig. This immediately minimizes the gloss and ensures that your wig is not too shiny

  1. Pluck few strands of hair in a Wig

Human Hair wigs

Remove some of the strands from your wig

There are two types of wigs for short hair; one pre-plucked and the other is unplucked. Don't worry! It is easy to remove strands of the wig. Take a pair of tweezers and carefully pull out a few strands. Take a look at your natural hairline and where it separates. Plucking makes hair look more natural. Place the wig on your head or either on a mannequin. Take some mousse (foam) and apply along the hairline. Use a hair curler to get rid of the receding hairline. Take some clear pictures of the natural hairline to use as a guide. Place the wig on the shelf and fix them with pins. Starting at the hairline near the ears, move the hair from the face to the back of the head. Be careful not to pull the strings. Divide the points so that they are not too close to each other. Reduce the density around the hairline to complete coverage. If a certain part of the hair is thick, pull the hair gently to make hair look good. Make sure to pluck gently and avoid concentrating on one area for too long, as excessive plucking can cause baldness.

  1. Cut the lace to fit the face

Hair wigs

Know the way to cut the lace in a wig

The lace wig comes with extra lace covering your forehead. Cut the excessive lace along the hairline. To make your wig look good for short hair, follow these steps;

  1. Gather  hair from the forehead and brush it to the back so that hairline can be seen clearly
  2. Cut off the corner near the ear
  3. Make the cut along the hairline from the center of the forehead and be careful with the baby hair
  4. When cutting along the hairline, try not to trim straight. Follow the natural hairline and curve. 
  5. Cut off the excess hair and lace.
  1. Flatten your hair

Flatten Hair


Either braid or cornrow the hair before wearing a wig

Flattening your hair before wearing a wig is important, making it easier to wear a wig. This depends on the density, length, and texture of the hair. Many women wear stocking caps to protect their natural hair. However, India hair international presents you with the common way to flatten your natural hair by braiding or making a low bun or cornrows. 

  1. Blending

Hair wigs

Use concealer and brush to blend the wig with skin 

Gently apply a brush with powder or concealer on the hairline of the parting of your short hair. Then use a makeup brush or use your fingers to rub the concealer to the scalp for a more natural looking hairline for short hair. Matching the color of your skin and giving a natural look. 

Final Say

If you are deciding to wear a wig every day to protect your natural hair, you must know some tips to make it look good. Wigs are made either from human hair or fibers. Depending on your choice, select the one that enhances your facial features, giving you a completely new look. Don't worry if you don't have a stylist to consult, India Hair International provides you with the steps to make a wig look good from home. 

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