curly weave hairstyles

9 Trending Curly Weave Hairstyles of 2022 To Impress Your Clients With


A new season brings with it a whole fresh range of hair trends! Each season, hair trends come and go for women of different ages, but nothing surpasses the trend of colored curly weave hairstyles.

curly weave hairstyles
Trendy curly weave hairstyles to impress your clients with!

So it's not surprising that people are booking appointments for color consultations for their curly weave hairstyles. You can also bookmark this page to show your clients the most recent curly weave hairstyles for inspiration!

With this in mind, we present you with our top 9 fashionable curly weave hairstyles in the hottest shades to wow your clients!

1. Expensive Curly Brunette

deep wave curly weave hairstyles
Zendaya with her luxurious brunette curls

Zendaya, for example, has swapped her raven black hair color for stunning luxurious brunette curly weave hairstyles. Brunette hair color with curly weave hair is a winning combination for clients with dark skin tones because it adds dimension and well-defined curls to their hair without requiring drastic changes.

Our obligation as stylists is to offer the best hair color for our clients. So, before applying the deepest and lightest tones to your client's hair, consult with your colorist. Your colorist can then select the hues that best suit your client's curly weave hairstyles.

2. Copper Ombre Curly Crochet Hair

long curly quick weave hairstyles
Copper ombre curls 

Copper ombre on curly crochet hair have also been gradually trending this year and show no signs of stopping. In fact, things are only getting better. 

Getting a crochet hairstyle on curly weave hair is an excellent hair makeover. Add some copper color to the mix, and your clients will fall in love with the amazing and stylish curly weave hairstyles!

Since this hair color is both sensual and playful, golden copper is a favorite choice among hair colorists. As a result, if your clients request something playful and alluring for their curly weave hairstyles, this hair trend is a sure bet!

Something to keep in mind is that copper hair is difficult to manage. So, remember to schedule monthly touch-ups for your clients and advise them only to use color-safe shampoos.

3. Ebony Stretched Curls

black curly weave hairstyles
Ebony stretched curly weave hairstyles 

If your clients want to add length to their curly weave hair, we highly recommend stretched curls in the natural ebony shade. You have probably gotten a lot of requests for natural-colored curls this year, thanks to the long curly weave hairstyles!

Clients dig that classic ebony stretched curls on their curly weave hairstyles. 

There's just something alluring about that one-tone that is simple yet timeless. This hue is ideal for those who want a natural finish!

The best way to do it without damaging your client’s natural curls is to get a virgin Indian Curly Bundle from us! 

All of our hand-crafted hair is virgin Remy human hair, so you can color treat them to achieve the perfect ebony shade without worrying about hair damage to give your clients the hair color they desire!

4. Brown Balayage Layered Curls

curly ponytail hairstyles with weave
Gorgeous crown of balayage curls

Adding layered curls on curly weave hair is the epitome of “hot girl summer” for 2022! What else can make curly weave hairstyles better for your clients? Brown balayage, of course! 

Subtle highlights will revamp dark hair hues on curly weave hairstyles without going overboard. 

Brown balayage adds complexity to the hair. This color trend on curly weave hair creates a pleasant, subtle sun-kissed effect that flatters everyone. 

For the most dimensional and natural look, have your colorist add varied hues of brown throughout your client’s hair.

5. Brushed Out Curls With Bangs

shoulder length curly weave hairstyles
Brushed-out curly weave hairstyles with bangs

Brushed-out curls aren’t anything new, but you can add them to create a softer twist to your client’s curly weave hairdo.

Face-framing bangs will subtly draw focus to your eyes, making you stand out from the crowd with your brushed-out curls!

You can also add highlights for a super effortless face-framing result for your clients. It's a terrific technique to increase dimensions without detracting from the depth of curly weave hairstyles. 

6. Curly Black Diamond Locks

short curly sew in weave hairstyles
Shine bright like a diamond with curly black diamond locks

Nothing says "on-trend" quite like curly weave hairstyles in black diamond hair color. This bold hair color is both strong and gorgeous.

If your clients need a hair color that exudes strength and charm for their curly weave hairstyles, glossy black hair color is a fantastic choice.

Glossy black hair provides a vibrant and healthy appearance. Therefore, it's no surprise that it looks great on curly weave hairstyles and skin tones.

Black hair on a light complexion reminds us of Snow White, while black hair on dark skin brings out deeper undertones-think Tiana from The Princess and the Frog! When chatting with your clients, you can propose an ink-black hair color and a gloss treatment to make it look as shiny & healthy as possible.

7. Curly Bronde Bob 

black curly bob hairstyles with weave
Why pick one when you can have both hair colors?

There is nothing more fierce than a curly bob in the gorgeous shade of bronde. The curly bob is one of the biggest curly weave hairstyles trends for 2022 because it is flattering, easy to maintain, and projects a sense of feminine self-confidence!

This bronde tone is the ideal hair color for clients torn between going blonde or brunette. This sun-kissed shade on curly weave hair has a brown base with warm blonde highlights that will complement your client’s style.

If your clients have cool skin tones, icy blonde shades will be fantastic on them. If their skin tones are on the warmer side, blonde shades will look the best on them. It's a subtle touch that provides a more intriguing air to the prominent and trendy hairstyle.

8. Ginger Curl Extravaganza

curly hair weave
Ginger curl extravaganza on curly weave hairstyles

Large and impressive ginger loops are one of the most popular curly weave hairstyles of 2022! The summer season is about blending bright hair colors with fantastic hairstyles!

Nothing says bold like an eye-catching ginger curly weave hairstyle which can be achieved with India Hair International’s virgin Indian curly hand-tied weft

Ginger curl extravaganza is a popular hair trend among ladies in their 20s who are experimenting with fun and vibrant colors, so don’t be surprised if you get a lot of appointments coming in for ginger curly weave hairstyles! 

9. Silver Curly Weave Hairstyles

kinky curly weave
Silver curly weave hairstyles with brown shadow roots

Whether your clients have salt and pepper strands or no gray hair, wearing a silver color on the curly weave hairstyle is chic. Yes, ladies are going gray on purpose. Embracing (or choosing) silver strands and pairing the color with natural curls is a hair trend that provides a stunning result. 

Work with your colorist to create your client’s desired silver hair color to help them effortlessly slay their silver curly weave hairstyles, especially with the virgin Indian Kinky Curly Bundle.

FAQs About Curly Weave Hair 

How long do curly weaves last?

After installation, curly weaves can easily last up to six or eight weeks with some tender, love, and care (TLC). Leaving it any longer than 8 weeks is not recommended because of the risk of hair and scalp damage. 

Do weaves damage your hair?

Curly weave hair is a brilliant way to change your client’s hairstyle. They are a protective style that can help your client's natural hair grow and become healthier. But if proper precautions and care are not taken after installation, they can cause damage, sometimes irreversible damage to your client’s natural hair, and even cause hair loss.

Do you comb curly weave?

The short answer is yes. Brush your client's curly weave hairstyles from the bottom up, small sections at a time, before adding any colors or haircuts. Remember, proper sections are key, or your client’s hair can easily become a tangled mess. 

Can you straighten curly weave hair?

Yes, you can straighten your curly weave hair, but it's important to remember that doing so can cause the curls to become much looser. 

If you are using human hair to create curly weave hair for your clients, overheating them with heat-styling tools can damage the cuticles and destroy the texture over time. 

When using heat-styling tools to create curly weave hairstyles, ensure that your client’s hair is always coated with a heat protectant. 

How to enhance curly weave hair without heat-styling tools?

You can recommend your clients choose heatless styling techniques like Flexi rod, two-strand twist, or bread out methods when styling their curly weave hair to enhance the curl texture.

Can you swim wearing curly weave hair?

Yes, but it's important to inform your clients to take the same precautions as they would with their natural hair.

While saltwater or chlorine will not cause significant damage to their human weave hair, they must braid it before swimming and thoroughly wash it with a good clarifying shampoo and warm water.

How frequently should you wash your curly weave hair?

A good rule of thumb is to wash your curly weave hair every 7 to 10 days. 

While some protective styles like curly weave hair allow you to go up to two weeks between washes, they should wash the weave itself more frequently. Your clients should also wash their scalp between the braids. 


You can create sexy, practical, fun, and flirty hairstyles with curly weave hairstyles for your clients with special discounts for stylists at India Hair International like yourself! 

With so many curly weave hairstyles trending for 2022, the options for your clients are endless. We believe that curly-haired girls have more fun. 

Ready to give your clients the star treatment with the finest hand-crafted curly Remy human hair? Contact us today to get premium curly hair bundles at wholesale prices!