Balayage Hair: Everything You Need To Know

Balayage Hair: Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever wanted to achieve a fresh, summery look which looks naturally beautiful? If you have, then balayage is one of the best options for you to achieve a natural look Balayage is the technique of painting highlights, which provides soft and gradual lightness as it reaches the ends. So, read further and find out things you need to know about balayage hair before getting one.

 Balayage? What Is It?


Balayage hair gives you the finest natural results of hair lightening. 

You may have seen this hair on Instagram and Pinterest  but didn’t have the exact idea of what the trend was called. Balayage is the  technique of highlighting hair in which the dye is painted to create a natural effect.It gives an exceptionally natural result of hair lightening, which will be way softer and works with your haircut and colors. Balayage hair will give you a more naturally lightened color in the sunlight.  

Balayage In Contrast To Highlights

balayage contrast

The difference in shades from f highlight and balayage. 

Highlights and balayage hair are pretty much similar. However, the technique used in highlighting is traditional; it includes a method called foiling in which the sheets of the foils are wrapped around the hair and separates the strands. The main purpose of using foil in the method of highlighting is to refrain the lightener from getting on the other strands of hair, and it also traps heat which allows the lightener to lift more effectively. 

In balayage, the freehand technique, they don’t usually use foil to separate the hair. It creates a soft and natural lightness along the hair strands, and the shades are usually darker near the scalp and lighter towards the ends. The shades are more focused on the mid-shafts and ends of the hair. Balayage hair creates a natural look to your hair, and for highlights, it gives a darker shade of color.

Know The Types Of Balayage


Types of balayage

Go for Ombre if you want bold shades on the transition of dark to light. 

Ombré is a more drastic, edgier version of balayage. It is one of the most beautiful popular techniques of hair coloring and chosen by many as it is made with a sharply defined transition of dark to light. Stylists sometimes create a hard line from where the different shades start to create a more strong texture on your hair. Get this ombre balayage and slay your looks with any outfits. 



A perfect blend of shades that gives a natural and soft effect.

Both ombre and somber are perfect for every hair type and both provide a gorgeous result. However, on the other hand, Somber gives you a more soft and sun-kissed effect. The transition of shades from darker to lighter is not as bold and strong as in the ombre technique. The change of color shades is seamless from hair roots to the end of the hair. So, that is why it gives natural and soft shades of somber balayage to your hair. 

Baby Light Balayage

baby light balayage

Seamlessly blended shades of color to create a radiant look. 

This baby light balayage is more like a highlight. To achieve the baby light balayage, you have to take really small sections of your hair and highlight them in shades lighter than your hair base color. The highlights will blend seamlessly and give you a radiant look with a shimmering dimension. The baby light balayage is the best option for you if you have fine hair, as it creates hair extension of thickness and volume and leaves you with a sun-kissed effect. 

Will Balayage Hair Last Long? 

balayage hair last

Following the right care routine will make your balayage last long.

The best thing about balayage hair is that as the color wears out, the balayage will become more beautiful and natural. It will take less time for maintenance than the traditional full head of color. However, you will need to use a good set of hair care products on your hair to maintain and keep the beautiful shades of color in your hair for as long as possible. It is essential to maintain healthy hair with a deep weekly conditioning treatment. The right care routine for your balayage will surely make it last longer than you know. 

Balayage hair is the finest choice for you if you want to style your hair for a whole new summer   look. It suits every occasion and moreover, you can get unlimited colors with the perfect match for your face. So, what are you waiting for? Get creative with these colors and get the best looks for yourself.