Brazilian Hair Vs Indian Hair: Which Hair to Choose?

Brazilian Hair Vs Indian Hair: Which Hair to Choose?

Hair extensions are popular and have become a part of women's life.

Among various hair, Indian and Brazilian virgin human hair are the most popular, yet there is a debate on which hair is better and which one to choose. 

Before you choose one, it is critical to understand the differences between the two hair types and their benefits.

Brazilian Hair

Time to settle the debate

So, let's settle this! Continue reading to learn about each hair, as well as its benefits and drawbacks, to help you make a more informed choice.

What Exactly Is Brazilian Hair?

As you can tell, Brazilian virgin human hair is quite popular (which is why it has caused an uproar among women).

The hair has a beautiful silky, smooth, and shiny appearance. It is thick and durable. Brazilian virgin hair is known for its bounce and ability to hold curls and waves better than any hair. 

Brazilian virgin human hair has never undergone chemical treatments. The cuticles are untouched and run in the same direction. 

The hair is characterized by medium luster, soft feel, and holds styles well under different conditions and temperatures. Most Brazilian hair has a beautiful deep natural black hue known as 1B. 

Type Of Brazilian Virgin Human Hair

There are various types of Brazilian virgin human hair available in the market. Check out the different stunning Brazilian hair. 

Brazilian Straight Hair 

virgin Brazilian straight hair

Brazilian virgin human hair in straight

If you want to maximize styling versatility, then Brazilian straight hair is the perfect option for you.

Straight Brazilian virgin human hair is lush, silky, and luscious; we recommend combining Brazilian Straight hair with Brazilian Closure or Frontal for parting options and a fuller look with your sew-in.

Brazilian Curly Hair 

Model with brazilian curly hair extensions

Brazilian curly hair

Who doesn't love healthy and thick curls? Brazilian curly hair is the most sensual and oozes confidence and glamour out of this world!

Brazilian curly hair has the ability to blend with any hair type and looks great whether you wear the curls through sew-in, clip-in, or a wig. The hair does not matte or tangle and is durable!

Brazilian Body Wave Hair

Wavy virgin brazilian hair

Gorgeous body wave hair

Brazilian Body Wave Hair has mesmerizing deep s-shaped waves and an overall lush appearance.

The hair is one of the most versatile and low-maintenance and adds a ton of volume and depth to your look. Body wave Brazilian virgin human hair can be dyed and flat ironed like your natural hair. 

Brazilian Deep Curly Hair

Body wave hair extensions

Gorgeous body wave hair

Brazilian deep curly hair has a nice soft feel with a ton of density and is durable.

Deep curly hair is one of the most popular textures among women who want fullness without the bouffant pouf. 

Brazilian Wet And Wavy Hair

Wet and wavy Brazilian virgin human hair

Wet and wavy Brazilian virgin human hair

Wet Wavy Brazilian virgin human hair is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among young ladies and girls.

The hair's popularity stems from the comfortable feel, natural look, and versatility it offers. 

Advantages Of Brazilian Virgin Human Hair 

  • Brazilian virgin human hair is of high quality with great thickness, softness, and high density. 
  • As the hair is virgin, you have the option to perm, dye, heat style the hair to achieve the desired style/ look. 
  • The hair comes in various textures and forms, such as clip-in and tape-in extensions, bundles, and wigs!
  • Brazilian virgin human hair blends with natural textures. 
  • Holds waves and curls better than any other hair. 
  • Durable with care and makes achieving various styles easy!

Disadvantages Of Brazilian Virgin Human Hair 

  • You have to be aware; otherwise, you might end up taking home synthetic Brazilian virgin human hair as there are tons of synthetic hair sold as virgin hair.
  • Due to the benefits and popularity, Brazilian virgin human hair is quite expensive. 
  • You will need at least 3 Brazilian bundles for a full sew-in and more for longer bundles. 
  • If inexperienced, you will have to get the Brazilian hair installed by professionals. 

What Exactly Is Indian Hair?

Indian hair is of exceptional quality and is highly valued.

Compared to Brazilian virgin human hair, Indian hair is thick but fairly lighter, has a beautiful bouncy look & feel, and is easy to style.

Indian hair is known and praised for its ability to blend with various natural hair.

The hair's lovely texture and naturally dark hue make it ideal for weaving installations.

Indian virgin human hair has not been put through chemical treatments, and the cuticles are intact.

They are the perfect way to elevate your appearance, enhance your features by adding gloss and thickness! 

Natural Indian virgin human hair ranges from subtle wavy to curly textures. However, deep curly textures are scarce and short in supply.

This is why many sellers put Indian hair through a steam process to achieve deep curly or kinky curly patterns. 

Nonetheless, the versatility of Indian hair makes it easier for women to achieve numerous styles through heat styling. 

Type Of Indian Virgin Human Hair

There are different types of Indian virgin human hair available in the market. Let's look at the most popular Indian virgin human hair textures. 

Indian Straight Hair 

Straight Virgin Indian hair

Straight Virgin Indian hair

Straight Indian hair is sleek and exotic, blends beautifully with relaxed and natural hair. Indian hair is extremely silky, glossy, and full of volume.

Straight Indian hair provides a really lovely hairstyle that women cannot get enough of! 

Indian Curly Hair 

Indian curly hair

Indian curly hair

Natural Indian curly virgin human hair is thick, healthy, and has medium luster.

The curly hair allows you to experiment with numerous styles and blends well with naturally curly hair. Indian curly hair comes in a wide range of dark brown or black shades.

The hair's cuticles are aligned, and you won't experience tangling and matting of this Indian curly hair, just like curly Brazilian virgin human hair

Indian Water Wave Hair 

Indian water wave hair

Indian water wave hair

Indian water wave hair has a beautiful water-like texture that you can style in endless ways.

It is one hair that can make you look and feel like a million bucks. The hair does not have gray strands. The ends of water wave hair are healthy and lustrous.

Indian Loose Wave Hair 

Indian water wave hair

Indian water wave hair

Indian loose wave hair is silky, soft, and has large s-shaped waves that add volume instantly.

The virgin hair can be colored and heat-styled to get the desired look.

Due to the quality of the hair, you will never experience tangling and matting with Indian loose wave hair.

We recommend wearing a closure or frontal in a similar texture with loose wave hair bundles for a beautiful finish. 

Advantages Of Indian Virgin Human Hair 

  • Indian virgin human hair is the best way to add length and volume to your hair and liven up your look!
  • The hair is durable (up to 2 years) with proper maintenance. Indian hair extensions can also be repurposed. 
  • The hair allows you to experiment with various styles and provides natural results. 
  • Indian virgin human hair has the right density with a slight bounce. 
  • Available in various textures and types to meet your needs. 
  • Tangle-free and extremely easy to style. 
  • Indian hair maintenance is the same as Brazilian virgin human hair and blends beautifully with natural hair. They are also great for the long run. 


Disadvantages Of Indian Virgin Human Hair 

  • Like Brazilian virgin human hair, Indian hair also comes with a high price tag. 
  • Since it is real hair, Indian hair requires styling- which can take time depending on the length. 
  • Even though maintaining Indian virgin hair is just like maintaining your natural hair, it is a lot of work. 
  • Indian hair is prone to environmental damage; fading or discoloration can occur from direct sunlight. 


Types Of Indian And Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Extensions 

Just like the variety of textures, both Indian and Brazilian virgin human hair comes in a few different forms of extensions. Below are the most popular extensions available for both hair to make your choice easier!


Clip-In Hair Extensions 

Clip-in human hair extensions
Clip-in human hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are one of the greatest ways to add instant length and volume to your hair. Clip-in extensions are available in numerous lengths, textures, and colors for Indian and Brazilian virgin hair. 

Who wouldn't love to add a ton of volume and texture to their hair with premium Indian or Brazilian hair? That too, without the commitment!!

Clip-ins are not only temporary, but you can wear them 15-20 times before you need to wash them! 


Tape-In Hair Extensions 

Tape-in human hair extensions
Tape-in extensions

Tape-in hair extensions come with wefts of hair with tapes attached!

Tape-in extensions are the perfect solution for women with thin hair looking to add volume to their hair.

Whether you're wearing Indian or Brazilian virgin human hair extensions, it will take 45 minutes to an hour for full installation.

With tape-in extensions, you need to be cautious not to massage the roots while you shower. Otherwise, the glue will loosen and fall off. 

Sew-In Hair Extensions 

Sew-in human hair extensions
Sew-in extensions

Sew-in hair extensions are perfect for women with thick and coarse natural hair. Regardless of the hair you choose, you will have multiple textures and lengths to choose from. The installation process is rather easy for seasoned weave wearers. 

Sew-in hair allows you to protect your natural hair while flaunting gorgeous curls, waves, or bone-straight styles! 

Braiding Hair 

Braiding hair
Braiding hair extensions


Braiding hair extensions is a blessing! Indian and Brazilian virgin human hair extensions are amazing because they are weft-free.

You will achieve a seamless result no matter what texture and color you go for with braiding hair.  


This is all you need to know about Indian and Brazilian hair.

You can now put the debate to rest. We love how both hair is amazing, and they both come in various textures, lengths, colors.

Use the advantages and disadvantages of both Indian and Brazilian hair to choose the hair that suits your needs. 

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