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Deep Wave vs. Deep Curly Hair: Which One is Right for You?

Wavy and curly hair weren’t as stylish as straight hair in the past, but now they are the most sought-after styles. 

Thanks to the beauty industry, women of color have been rocking stunning deep wave and deep curly hair in recent years! 

There’s something about this hair because curly and wavy styles suit us women the best!  

Deep Wave vs Deep Curly Hair

Deep Wave vs. Deep Curly Hair: Which One is Right for You? 

Although both are great, choosing between the two textures is tough.  

Both textures appear similar, but there are subtle differences that set them apart and it's tough to not love them both! It simply boils down to your personal style preference.

Read on to find out how similar yet distinctive they are in their own way!

Now, let's discuss and compare and find out which one is right for you! 

This Blog Includes:

  • Deep Curly Hair
  • Deep Wave Hair
  • Similarities Between Deep Wave and Deep Curly Hair
  • Differences Between Deep Wave and Deep Curly Hair
  • Recommendations
  • Final Thoughts

Deep Curly Hair

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Deep Curly Hair Specifications

Deep curly hair is an innovative texture created to mimic African-American's natural hair. 

Weaves, wigs, and many hair accessories are available in this style, with curls slightly tighter than deep wave hair. 

The deep curly texture is generally fluffy and appears to be relatively thick. It seems more natural and appears just like African-American women's hair. 

You can use a deep curly hair weave/wig to add thickness and length or to replace your damaged curly hair. 

It blends well with natural hair, and it's perfect for achieving a natural look with added length and volume. 

Deep curls give your hair a lot of weight and a quirky curled style. 

Deep Wave Hair

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Deep Wave Information

Deep wave hair is quite popular in the beauty industry. It features a tighter curl than body wave, loose wave, or natural wave hair. 

Deep wave hair has a lot of gloss and gives off a complete, gorgeous, healthy appearance.

Hair manufacturers produce deep wave hair extensions, which are popular with clients because of their stunning appearance and ability to suit various face shapes and body types.   

It is an excellent choice to add volume to your natural hair while maintaining a gorgeous look. 

Deep wave hair is often confused with deep curly hair because it resembles deep curly hair as the hair frizzes up. 

Spray an anti-frizz product into your hair whenever it begins to frizz. It will help you restore the curls and luster!

Similarities between Deep Wave and Deep Curly Hair

When it comes to deep wave and deep curly hair, most clients confuse the two. They are very similar in texture, curls, appearance, and feel. Here are the similarities between them. 

#1 Curl Pattern

At a glance or for newbies, the two textures are very similar. They appear just like twins! 

#2 Hair Type

Deep wave and deep curly hair accessories are 100% virgin Remy human hair. They are both virgin human hair gathered from young female donors.

Thus, you can customize and play around (perm, color bleach, heat style) with them to get your desired look. 

#3 Appearances

Virgin human deep wave hair and deep curls are incredibly silky and bouncy and have a natural appearance. 

They blend in well with your natural hair once worn!

#4 Maintenance & Care

Deep wave and deep curly hair fall under curly textures, and both are prone to tangling and matting.

Thus, both textures require proper maintenance and care to keep them in good shape.

Difference between Deep Wave and Curly Hair

The strength of the curl determines the distinction between deep wave and deep curly hair. 

Some clients use curly hair and deep wave hair interchangeably, but they differ significantly. 

Curly and deep wave hair differ in terms of each curls firmness, thickness, and maintenance.

#1 Curl Tightness

You can select either deep wave or deep curly hair by considering the curls firmness. 

Although they appear similar, deep curly hair has a tighter curl than deep wave hair. 

Choose your favorite based on the differences between the curl tightness. 

#2 Thickness 

Deep curly hair is tiny and tight compared to deep wave hair - thus, it appears quite thick. 

This hair is typically fluffy and adds volume to your hair. 

Deep curly hair is fantastic, fashionable, extremely curly, and has a natural afro hair texture.

The deep wave is a less thick but beautiful texture that compliments your face shape.

#3 Maintenance & Care

Both textures require a fair share of tender love and care to keep them healthy.

However, deep curly hair requires more effort despite its tough appearance.  

It's quite delicate and sometimes requires a lot of maintenance and care.

We recommended Virgin Indian Deep Curly Bundle for curl-lovers to rock deep curly hairstyles.

Virgin Indian Deep Curly Hair is the highest-grade Remy Single-Drawn (RSD) hair on the market. Each selection comes from a single donor, all cuticles are intact, and each Remy Single-Drawn selection has naturally tapered ends. 

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Virgin Indian Deep Curly Hair Bundle


  • 100 % Indian Human Hair
  • Remy Single Drawn 
  • Natural Color (1B-2)
  • Perfect for weaving
  • Each bundle is between 3.5oz and 4oz of hair (100 grams)

We recommended Virgin Indian Deep Wave Bundle if you want to sport a fancy deep wave look.

Virgin Indian Deep Wave Bundle is a premium human hair product by India Hair International. 

Each strand of RSD virgin hair has undergone a rigorous quality control process to ensure it is free of flaws. With appropriate care, this product can last up to a year.

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Virgin Indian Deep Wave Bundle


  • 100% Indian Human Hair
  • Chemical-Free Stream Perming Process 
  • Remy Single Drawn 
  • Natural Virgin Color (1B-2) 
  • Each bundle is between 3.5oz and 4oz of hair (100 grams) 
  • Recommended for Weaving

Final Thoughts

We love both deep wave hair as well as deep curly hair - but we leave the final choice up to you!

A professional can help you to some extent by examining your natural hair, daily habits, and lifestyle, but in the end, it's you who will wear the weave/wig. 

It's in your hand to compare and understand their differences and ultimately select the right one!