Everything You Should Know About Deep Wave Hair

Everything You Should Know About Deep Wave Hair

Gone are the days when women’s hearts were stuck on straight hair.

Since many women started embracing their natural hair texture, wavy and curly hairstyles have emerged to be their favorite.

The most preferred is wavy hair; this hair texture comes in many types of waves, i.e., loose wave, body wave, water wave, and deep wave.

As you move from loose to deep wavy hair, the waves become tighter and curlier. 

Deep wave hairstyles may look easy to achieve, but it is not so.

However, you can easily achieve this hair texture with deep wave hair extensions, which are very popular among women.

Here’s all you need to know about deep wave hair:

Do You Have Deep Wave Hair?

deep wave hair

Deep wave hair

If you have a hair texture that is curlier than the usual wavy hair, you may be blessed with deep wavy hair.

This term is also very popular in hair extensions; a lot of hair brands sell deep wave hair extensions that are loved by customers and even hairstylists because of its capability to suit all kinds of faces and body types, and the gorgeous look it gives you.

How To Wash & Maintain Deep Wave Hair Extensions?

maintain deep wave hair extensions

Increase shelf life of deep wave hair extensions & wefts

Washing deep wave hair properly is important as it removes any product and dirt build-up, and keeps the extensions healthy. 

Rinsing wavy and curly hair well, as unlike straight hair, these textures have twists, which makes it difficult for the required oils to spread evenly throughout the hair. 

You may think what proper method can be there to wash your deep wave hair extensions.

It is right that these extensions are washed just like your natural hair; however, you must follow a proper method to wash them so that they last long.

 The process to wash and maintain your deep wave hair extensions starts even before you apply shampoo to your hair.

Firstly, you should comb your hair to remove any tangles.

This may seem redundant, but removing tangles proves to be helpful in washing hair without any tearing.  

Once you have untangled the hair, you can shampoo it well.

Ensure that you use a sulfate-free shampoo to keep the extensions healthy.

After shampooing the extensions, you can apply a leave-in conditioner to get smooth and shinier hair.

You can apply it by applying the conditioner on the hair and distributing it throughout the hair in a downward motion.

Keep it in for 10-15 minutes and wash the hair under running water in downward motion.

Maintaining Deep Wave Hair- Dos And Don’ts

Deep wave human hair extensions are just like your natural hair; however, they comprise dead hair. Therefore, they need extra care to maintain them.

Here are some dos and don’ts while maintaining deep wave hair extensions:


  • Comb your deep wave hair extension every morning
  • Use the right hair products to keep the extensions healthy
  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner 


  • Don’t use heat-styling products in excess
  • Don’t over-wash your deep wave hair extensions
  • Don’t use a random hairbrush; opt for a detangling hairbrush.

You may see those gorgeous deep waves in your extensions loosening over a period. This is natural, as these extensions comprise dead hair.

However, buying extensions made of quality virgin human hair proves to be more cost effective, as they guarantee the best look and last long.

You can opt for India Hair International’s wavy hair extensions; they offer you single-drawn virgin Remy human hair that are tangle-free.

The extensions have a natural taper at the ends and offer your hair the perfect volume, luster, and look.

All the extensions go through a stringent quality assurance process to ensure their perfection. 

If you see the curls loosening, you can heatstyle them and set the texture again. You can also take extra care of your extensions by taking precautions while sleeping. 

Maintaining Deep Wave Hair While Sleeping

maintain deep wave hair while sleeping

Use silk pillow covers to maintain deep wave hair during sleep

You may be thinking how sleeping can damage your deep wave hair. Well, it’s a few generic habits that go unnoticed.

Most people use cotton covers on their pillows; these covers create friction between the cover and the hair, which ultimately leads to breakage and hair damage.

This can affect the durability and look of the extension.

You can opt for silk pillow covers while you sleep or wear a silk scarf to eliminate the chances of friction. You can also wear silk wraps while working out. 

Buy Best Deep Wave Hair Extensions 

The above-mentioned maintenance tips may sound a bit heavy too.

What if there is a way to cut down on them? This is only possible if you buy quality hair extensions.

There are many brands offering you hair extensions at low prices, but they also come with less durability, low quality, and an artificial look.

Opt for virgin human hair extensions and get the best hair experience! 

If you are looking for premium quality extensions, India Hair International is the perfect choice.

virgin indian deep wave bundle

IHI's virgin Indian deep wave bundle hair

Choose from an array of hair extensions, from all textures of hair extensions to wigs and frontals, get everything on a single website! Here are some hair extensions you can choose from:

1. Virgin Indian Deep Wave Hair Extensions

Get the perfect deep wave hair with IHI’s virgin Indian deep wave hair extensions. These extensions are chemical free and are made from single drawn Remy hair.

They are made of 100% Indian human hair and are versatile, offering you the choice to achieve different hairstyles with this texture. 

Choose from a range of lengths and achieve the desired look.

IHI’s virgin Indian deep wave hair extensions go through a stringent quality assurance process so that you get the best hair extensions experience.

These extensions are also available in bundle deals for a better experience.

2. Virgin Indian Body Wave Hair Extensions

Wavy hair is beautiful, be it loose or deep waves.

And the beauty of IHI’s hair extensions is that you can style them into whichever texture you want!

The virgin Indian body wave hair extensions are made of 100% virgin Indian Remy human hair, and are so flexible that you can style them the way you want. 

These extensions are chemical free and go through IHI’s unique quality assurance process to provide you with the best quality hair.

They are long-lasting and seamlessly blend with your natural hair. 

3. Virgin Indian Loose Wave Hair Extensions 

Change from loose waves to deep waves effortlessly with IHI’s virgin Indian loose wave hair extensions.

Get the best quality and versatility at the best price with these extensions.

If you are planning to get weave hair extensions, these extensions are the apt choice!

With IHI’s extensions, you get a beautiful wavy texture that can be styled the way you want, and an amazing hair experience!

These extensions come in a range of lengths you can choose from.

They go through IHI’s quality assurance process to give you the most natural look for long.

4. Virgin Indian Wavy Hair Extensions 

Having access to a huge variety can often lead to confusion or wrong decisions.

However, IHI always introduces a generic product with a variety of the same texture so that you don’t get confused.

If the amazing variety in wavy hair extensions confuses you, opt for IHI’s virgin Indian wavy hair extensions

These extensions are one of IHI’s best hair products and have become every woman’s favorite.

Like other hair extensions, these extensions, too, go through IHI’s unique quality assurance process and are chemical free so that they blend effortlessly with your natural hair, giving it the most natural look!

5. Virgin Indian Straight Hair Extensions

Another way to achieve the perfect deep wave hairstyle is to install IHI’s virgin Indian straight hair extensions.

These extensions are versatile and allow you to style them into deep wave hair effortlessly!

The hair of these extensions are drawn from a single donor and all cuticles intact. 

These extensions are made of 100% virgin Indian Remy human hair and offer you the best natural look, seamlessly blending with your natural hair.


Keeping yourself up-to-date with trending hairstyles is a trend in itself.

While wavy hairstyles have become an evergreen trend, deep wave hair is being loved by many women.

If you want to achieve this hair texture, you can opt for deep wave hair extensions. 

There are a lot of hair brands offering different qualities of deep wave extensions at attractive prices; however, they do not last long and fail to give your hair the best look.

Opt for India Hair International for 100% Indian and Brazilian human Remy hair extensions and wigs and get a versatile, long-lasting, and natural look.

IHI’s hair extensions are single drawn Remy hair with all the cuticles intact. 

IHI offers you a huge variety of wavy hair extensions that can be styled into deep wave hair to achieve the desired hairstyle.

The brand ensures that you get premium quality hair extensions by making all its extensions go through its stringent quality assurance process.

IHI’s extensions are chemical free and come with a natural taper toward the end. These extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair and give it a natural look!

You can find all hair textures on IHI’s website and choose from a range of hair lengths.

The brand offers you premium hair extensions and wigs, and a natural hairline. Its extensions are durable and require minimum care and effort.

So what’s the wait for? Visit IHI now and buy your favorite wavy hair extensions now!