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How Many Packs of Hair Does Your Client Need for Passion Twists?

Attention here! Hairstylists with clients who are bored of protective braided hairstyles can now rejoice because passion twists, which have been popular since 2008, are making a huge comeback!

passion twists
Answering FAQS about Passion Twists 

These bohemian twists, also known as the free-spirited love child of Senegalese twists and goddess locs, can easily be created using Virgin Indian Water Wave Bundles. 

But how many hair packs does your client need for passion twists? 7-8 packs are often more than enough for a full head of passion twists. But, it depends on how thick and long your clients want their twists to be. 

Do you have more questions? We certainly hope so because today, we answer FAQs about passion twists. Prepare to be inspired and provide your clients with the most beautiful bohemian look!

What are passion twists?

passion twists hairstyles
The boho twists for boho babes
These are two-strand twists with a natural texture and a laid-back boho vibe. It is the ultimate “hot girl summer” look for your clients who want natural, protective, easy-to-maintain hair that also exudes a lot of flair.
The secret to making your client's boho twists pop is the use of water wave hair bundles. 
While Virgin Wavy Braiding Hair is great, using water wave hair bundles will give your client’s twists a silky feel and a curled texture. Their passion twists' tidy and ultra-tight look will have an almost unraveled appearance. 
Another bonus is that the wefts keep the hair tangle-free during installation. All you have to do is snip the wefts off as you install them on your clients.

How do you prep your client’s hair for passion twists?

small passion twists
Prep your client’s hair.
Here are some golden rules of hair prep for the bohemian twists. 

Step 1: Start with a clean slate

Before starting the installation process, you must ensure your client's hair is clean and free of any build-ups using a sulfate-free shampoo.

Step 2: Deep condition the hair.  

Follow this up with a 30-minute deep conditioning treatment to moisturize your client's hair. It will bring back hydration to your client's hair. 

Step 3: Blow-dry

Next, blow-dry your client's hair until it's 90% dry after applying sufficient heat protectant serum. Then you can work your magic and start with the installation process.

How are passion twists installed?

long passion twists
Installing the bohemian twists 
The same techniques used for other two-strand twists apply to installing boho twists. 
But if you are unfamiliar, you begin with stretched, moisturized, and washed hair extensions. You can also try this style on your client’s natural hair texture but depending on how curly or kinky it is, you might find it challenging.
You can find a ton of  tutorials online on how to accomplish the protective style by doing a fast YouTube search. You'll need patience and possibly a significant portion of your day to achieve the perfect boho hairstyle that will keep your clients coming back for more.
In the end, the choice is yours as a stylist.

How long does it take to install passion twists?

how long do passion twists last
The installation time for passion twists 
Even seasoned twist stylists can take 4 to 8 hours to install these twists. However, having quick hands and an achievable length and thickness all impact how long the installation process for passion twists will take. 
While the installation can be time-consuming, the results are worthwhile, and you will have clients smiling from ear to ear!

Why are passion twists a great protective style?

knotless passion twists
Passion twists are the perfect protective style for your clients  
Your client's natural hair is usually more prone to breakage and excessive dryness in the colder months. That’s where passion twists come in!  
They are a great way to protect and maintain the health of your client’s hair, and you can moisturize their scalp with this hair. 

Your client’s natural hair needs to be moisturized while wearing any protective style; otherwise, you will not achieve the protective aspect of the style. Plus, the last thing you want to do is  accidentally damage your client's hair. 


This bohemian hair trend isn’t going anywhere, so you might as well give your clients what they want - a stylish, low-maintenance, and protective hairdo! 

With the finest hand-crafted human hair from IHI, giving your clients the perfect boho hair is a breeze! 

While they are fantastic alternatives to regular protective hairstyles, remind your clients not to let them overstay their welcome. 

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