black hair extensions

How To Choose Your Perfect Shade Of Black Hair Extensions?

Choosing the right hair extensions from a wide variety of options is not easy; similarly, selecting the right hair color is equally challenging.

You can consider going to a salon, but different salons have different hair color measuring methods, which can confuse you to some extent.

Thanks to the different shades of primary colors that need to be looked closely to ensure the color of extensions match your hair color.

If you are looking for a solution to this problem, look no further. The most common color that is seen in hair extensions is black.

black hair extensions

Black hair extensions

However, the story doesn’t end here. There are many shades of black that you must’ve not even heard of, and if you do not find the right match, your hair extensions may not blend with your natural hair in the desired way.

Here are some pro tips on how to choose the perfect shade of black hair extensions:

Know your Hair Color

natural hair color

Natural hair colors range in diverse shades of black and brown

The phrase ‘charity begins at home’ rightly fits while choosing the perfect shade of black hair extensions.

This is because many women start searching for the right color without knowing their hair color.

Know your hair color well. This helps in choosing the apt hair extension and saves time.

Make Reference to your Skin Tone

natural hair extensions

Human hair extensions blend perfectly with natural hair

If you think that your skin tone doesn’t have a role in selecting the perfect shade of black hair extensions, you are mistaken.

While your hair, skin, and other facial features are different from each other, they all come into sync in case of your appearance.

Know the Different Shades of Black Hair

shades of black hair

Shades of black hair

There are a lot of shades of black; however, not all shades qualify for hair extensions.

Hair brands introduce shades of black, keeping a range of natural hair colors in mind.

The most common shades of black are the following:

1.    Off Black Color

This shade of black has a warmer tone of color. It has more underlying brown undertones that are visible only in sunlight.

It looks brown under the sun; however, it is still considered a warmer shade of black.

Off black hair

Off black hair color


Many women have this hair color. And keeping the percentage of this hair color in mind, many hair brands offer it to the customers.

What’s The Difference Between Off Black And Black Color?

  • Off black is a warmer shade of black and usually looks brown under the sun.
  • While black is solid black, off black is a mix of white and black, as it is a lighter shade of the color.

2.    Jet Black Color

This shade of black is even blacker than the primary color. This is also a common hair color found in women either naturally or when they have colored their hair.

Unlike off black color, jet black color has cool, blue undertones. 

Jet black hair

Jet black hair

What’s The Difference Between Jet Black And Black Color?

  • While black is the base color, jet black is a darker and more detailed shade.
  • You can achieve jet black hair by dying your natural hair, while the black color is genetic.
  • Black color doesn’t have the detailed and dark undertones of the jet black color. You won’t be able to notice much difference unless you compare them under the sun.

The above pointers are tried and tested to help you choose the right shade of black hair extensions.

Check out our hair color chart for clip-in/kertatin extensions and wefts.

The next important step is to choose the right hair brand, as there are many hair brands in the market that offer you all kinds of extensions.

However, compromising the extension’s quality leads to an unsatisfactory hair experience.

Where To Buy The Perfect Black Hair Extensions?

India Hair International is a brand trusted by women. It offers you a wide range of hair extensions, wigs, and frontals in all textures.

The brand brings to you hair extensions made of 100% virgin Indian and Brazilian Remy human hair that blend effortlessly with your natural hair.

IHI is the largest direct manufacturer and global distributor of premium Indian and Brazilian human hair.

It has a factory in India and warehouses in the U.S that give customers access to the finest quality human hair India has to offer.

IHI sources its human hair in huge quantities from the temples of India and preselects it.

It also has a 3-tier quality inspection process that ensures the quality of the extensions.

The brand offers quality extensions at the best prices as compared to the quality and prices on the market at present.

Here are some black hair extensions offered by IHI that you can opt for:

1.   Virgin Indian Blowout Hair Extensions

blowout hair

Blowout hair bundle in natural soft shade of black

Have you ever desired blowout hair? IHI’s virgin Indian blowout hair extensions readily solve the problem!

These extensions are made of 100% virgin Indian Remy human hair and offer you a fantastic hair experience.

Why disturb your natural hair when you can get blowout hair extensions?

These extensions are in the natural virgin hair color (1B-2), which gives your hair a natural look.

These black hair extensions have all cuticles intact and are tangle-free.

2.   Virgin Brazilian Wavy Hair Extensions

wavy hair extensions

Complete look with 100% natural human brazilian hair 

Wavy hair is making women fall in love with it every day.

Opt for IHI’s virgin Brazilian wavy hair extensions if you want to achieve wavy hair.

These extensions are made of 100% virgin Brazilian Remy human hair and give your hair the perfect waves.

These extensions are available in the natural virgin color (1B-2), giving your hair the perfect black color!

3.   Virgin Indian Spiral Curly Hair Extensions

curly hair extensions

Curly hair extensions with 100% natural indian human hair

Get gorgeous curly hair with IHI’s virgin Indian spiral curly hair extensions!

These extensions are single-drawn Remy hair with all cuticles intact and aligned in the same direction.

These extensions add the desired amount of volume and length to your hair with a natural taper in the end.

They are available in the natural virgin color (1B-2), offering the perfect black color for your hair!


Choosing the perfect hair color is not child’s play, and choosing the right shade of a color is more complicated.

However, keeping your natural hair color and skin tone can help you choose the perfect shade of black!

The next step is to choose quality extensions for a seamless hair experience.

IHI is the most trusted brand by women and offers you a wide variety of hair extensions.

It provides you with extensions in the natural virgin color (1B-2), which is the perfect shade of black. Check out the website and pick your favorite!