Sell Hair Bundles

How to Sell Hair Bundles and Start a Business?

Successful hair retailers are those who are careful and ready to take on new challenges that the business has to offer.

Planning and thorough research are essential to compete in the market. If you want to start a profitable hair bundles business, we advise you to follow our professional tips below. 

sell hair bundles
Start your own hair bundles business with these tips

 With these pointers, you'll be able to figure out how to sell hair bundles and get a jump start in this lucrative industry.

Don't worry If you're new to the hair industry, with our tips, you will be able to start the process in no time if you plan it properly. 

The first thing you need to know is about distributors. 

With India Hair International's high-quality hair bundles, it will be the perfect place to start. We also offer wholesale bundle deals so that you won't have to spend a lot on your startup business. Let's get into it!

How To Sell and Start a Hair Bundles Business?

how to start a hair business
Create an effective plan to learn how to sell hair bundles

The first step in launching a hair bundles business, or any other hair-related business, is to form an effective business plan. 

Your business plan should include a variety of details about your firm and the product you want to sell. 

You should concentrate on potential expenses, company activities, and where you can find the best wholesale hair rates.

India Hair International has bundle deals that are way too good to overlook. Given below are the ways you can start a hair business and how to sell hair bundles

Keep in mind that making profits in a business depends on how informed you are about the product you are selling. 

Here we will teach you how you can form an effective business plan to maximize your sales. 

Thorough Research Is The First Step

good hair vendors to start a business
Research on hair bundles and hair products thoroughly

Learn about weaves and the various types of human hair extensions available, as well as the differences between synthetic and human hair, to better serve and understand your customers' needs and wants. 

You must be able to recommend the best hair for various extensions and wigs to your clients. 

You can look into wholesale hair bundle deals that are available at India Hair International. 

We are a one-stop-shop for all your hair needs. Some clients prefer synthetic hair over human hair because of the price, but you need to be able to explain to them the benefits of human hair extensions and wigs. 

For that, you need to do your research on all the products you are dealing with.

Pick Your Distribution Channels

where can i sell my hair
How to sell hair bundles: A retail store or online distribution business?

Opening an online distribution channel or a retail store can help you sell hair bundles profitably and easily. 

If you're planning to set up an online business and don't want to open a store, you'll need to find a dust-free storage space. 

A warehouse or commercial storage facility are options, but you can also use air-tight storage containers to store hair bundles in garage storage or closets. 

Human Hair bundles require special attention, so be careful how you keep and distribute them. 

Do not be concerned; they will not be damaged as long as they are not twisted or bent excessively.

Find Trusted Wholesalers

wholesale hair vendors
A trusted wholesaler of quality hair products

Maintain proper connection with wholesalers that will be able to provide you with products anytime and anywhere. 

India Hair International is a fantastic place to start if you seek high-quality products at a fair price. 

You can deal directly with us to get the best price. The best part is that you can evaluate the quality of our products before making the purchase. 

Be it hair extensions or wigs; you will find the one that best suits your client's requirements for the best price.

Sell Hair Bundles Effectively By Providing Customer Incentives 

hair vendors
Provide discounts and other incentives to sell hair bundles 

Thousands of beauty supply outlets across the country provide a diverse selection of hair grooming products. 

Customers must have a compelling reason to choose your hair business above the competition. 

To gain trust and positive customer feedback, you may need to offer discounts, vouchers, or gifts to attract/retain more customers. 

These small incentives will go a long way in building customer trust and retaining them because who doesn't like some discounts and gifts? 

Diversify Your Hair Products (Optional)

buy hair products
Best profitable way to sell hair bundles and expand your business

Selling only hair bundles isn't going to be enough to make your hair business lucrative. 

Bonding glue, hairdryer, straightener, hair accessories, and weaving needles, which are widely used to weave human hair, can be some examples of diversifying your hair care products. 

You can try and take advantage of the opportunity to earn some extra income because your customers are likely to require these items anytime. 

Many distributors also sell wholesale weaving supplies, saving their customers the trouble of having to go to multiple places to get these items.

Promotion and Advertisement

starting a hair business
Advertise the quality of your product as much as possible

Create and update your business social media profiles frequently if you sell hair bundles online. 

Start a blog with hair-styling tips, or place ads on forums and websites that your target clients frequently visit, like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. 

You should be active on social media since you will be able to learn more about your customers' requirements and supply to them according to their needs.

If you own a retail store, create a sponsorship program for hair fashion shows or other similar events to get your name out there. 

You can also help people who have lost their hair due to medical reasons by donating wigs. 

This will provide you with a sense of personal achievement, as well as media attention and build brand trust.

Market Your Business

how to sell hair bundles
Sell hair bundles through online marketing campaigns 

Using low-cost marketing strategies can actually save you a lot of money. The next tip on how to sell hair bundles is to promote your business by developing a website instead of printing a lot of brochures or pamphlets. 

With online marketing, you can immediately draw the attention of a huge number of customers. 

As stated earlier, you can use social media platforms to promote your hair products. 

You can sell hair bundles more effectively by marketing your business online because of the wide online presence of customers looking for something new every day. 

Grab this opportunity and boost your sales.

Offer Promotional Sale

wholesale bundle deals
Sell hair bundles with promotional offers 

To attract clients, you can follow the trend in the hair market and offer a great startup promotional sale for your hair business. 

Isn't it true that everyone likes a good deal? Beginning your hair business with a great sale campaign will attract a large number of potential consumers, some of whom may become loyal customers in the future. 

Selling at a low price to collect feedback from clients before increasing the price to a level that benefits you should be your goal. 

You can get wholesale bundle deals for the best price from hair wholesalers.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the price you offer should be temporary. 

Hair quality and customer service are the most crucial criteria for long-term sales of your hair products. 

Hair Bundles At India Hair International

good hair vendors to start a business
Premium quality hair bundles for the best price  

India Hair International's human virgin hair bundles are made entirely of Remy human hair. 

The hair strand is taken from a single donor, and all of the cuticles are still attached and facing the same way. 

The bundles are then machine wefted without the use of chemicals making them more natural and durable. You can color and style them without the fear of damaging them. 

The hair bundles you receive from us will be of the highest quality, and you will not be disappointed with your decision to do business with us. Below are our hair bundle deals. 

The best part about doing business with us is that you can test the quality of the bundles to see what you're getting.

Virgin Indian Bundle Deal

hair business
Virgin Indian hair bundles deal

If you're wondering how to sell hair bundles and start a business, our wholesale bundle prices are an affordable way to get the best hair bundles

You can choose from nine different textures and precision-made machine-wefted pieces.

Virgin Brazilian Hair Bundle Deal 

virgin brazilian hair
Virgin Brazilian hair bundles deal

The hair bundle deals for virgin Brazilian hair at India Hair International will fill all the requirements that you might have while purchasing hair bundles for your business. 

Be it for a startup or a well-established business. There are various textures to choose from and different bundle deals you can get your hands on. 


Now that you have a better concept of how to start a hair business and how to sell hair bundles, it's up to you to make it a success. 

Since India Hair International's products will fulfill all of your quality criteria at costs that no other company can match for a startup. 

Furthermore, it will assist you in gaining client trust through high-quality products. 

Also, if you currently own a hair business, you can choose us and not worry about losing your next client because we are certain of the superior quality of our hair products. 

You can read about 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Wholesale Wigs on our website so you will be prepared before starting your hair business.  

Visit our website, take a look around, and take advantage of the greatest deals on all hair products.