Weave Length Chart

How Top Stylists Use A Weave Length Chart To Buy Wholesale Hair

When we think of getting a hair weave, we think of the variety of lengths, colors, textures, and styles they come in. 

Different weaves come with features that are too overwhelming to choose from. 

Weave Length Chart
Why top hairstylists use weave length chart 

Hair weaves of the same length appear to be different because of their textures, and you do not know which one your clients might prefer and which one has the most styling versatility?

Do not be alarmed; we are here to the rescue, even if you are new to the industry or are already in the game. 

In this blog, we'll tell you what a hair weave length chart is and why top stylists use it to purchase wholesale hair, including some other tips to get your hair styling game rolling!

What Is Hair Weave Length?

hair length chart
A weave length chart for your reference

A hair weave length chart will help you understand the difference between various hair weave lengths. 

But, before we go into how to measure hair weave length. The basic difference between hair appearing long and short is its texture. 

Straight hair will appear longer than curly hair with the same length.

The above differences are caused due to the measurement methods used to measure each hair texture. 

The length of a straight hair weave is measured directly with a scale by placing it on a table or by using a weave length chart

Whereas all curly hair is processed by curling straight hair, they are measured only after straightening the hair strands. As a result, hair weaves with curls appear shorter and fuller.

So these were the basics to make you understand how the weave length is measured between two different textures by stylists before or after their purchase, so that they know exactly what their client is looking for. 

As a stylist, you should be able to suggest the exact length that your client requires to achieve their desired hairstyle. 

Stylists often take these measurements while buying wholesale hair because they do not want to compromise on extra or insufficient length after buying it.

What Length Weave Should I Get?

curly hair chart
Perfect weave length can be measured with a weave length chart

As you know that there are many kinds of hair weave lengths for us to choose from on the hair market. 

According to the top hairstylist's weave length chart, the length of common hair weaves is generally 8-28 inches. 

At India Hair International, our hair collection starts from 10 inches and goes up to 30 inches so that you have more hair to experiment with. 

Now, let us get into the nitty-gritty of different types of hair lengths, and you can decide which one best suits your or your client's style.

1: Very Short Hair Weave (The Pixie Style)

6 inches of hair
Very short hair weave

It is considered very short when your hair is ear length or shorter. 

This very short hair group in the weave length chart includes close-cropped hairstyles like the famous pixie or buzz cut. 

You can suggest your clients get a style like a pixie cut that is trending right now! 

The best thing about a short hair weave is you do not have to maintain it day in and out. Just style it once, and you are good to go.

2: Short Hair weave

12 inch hair
Short hair weave as per the weave length chart

The short hair weaves usually reach the neck area and does not extend past the shoulders as per the weave length chart

A short hair weave can make you appear more vibrant and energetic. 

A short hair weave is an ideal way to frame your face, and with bangs, you can make it pop. It is also easier to maintain than medium and long hair weaves. 

You might be worried about not having a lot of hairstyles to try with a short hair weave. 

But these worries are worries no more! Just look at our Top Quick Weave Hairstyles For 2022 blog, so that next time your client wants a short weave, you can suggest some trendy hairstyles like bobs, short curls, and short straight hairstyles.

3: Medium Hair weave

curly hair chart
The curly medium hair weave

According to the weave length chart, the medium-length hair weave will neither be too long nor too short. 

The hairtail will fall around the shoulder after blending it with your hair. 

Stylists prefer to buy this particular piece in wholesale because of how many women love medium hair and how versatile they are to style. 

You can do a bold geometric cut, a diagonal trim, or just leave it flowing naturally. They will all look flawless.

4:Long Hair Weave

weave hair length
A long hair weave measured with a weave length chart

If you look at the weave length chart, a long hair weave usually goes below the shoulder and around the waist. 

The most popular weave among fashionistas and professional hairstylists is long hair. Long hair weaves allow you to experiment more with hairstyles and colors. 

Why not try different hairstyles every day because with long weaves paired with colors like ombre, you can make a style statement for sure!

Your long hair will become more gorgeous if you take care of your weave. You can curl them, use them to create a high ponytail or a half-up, half-down hairstyle, and style them to your preferences. 

However, you will need to devote more time to maintaining your long hair weaves. 

This is where hairstylists come into the picture; they use a weave length chart and buy the exact weave that their clients prefer to style

5: Very Long Hair Weave

waist length hair
A perfect weave length to have unique hairstyles

Because today's busy women have less time to style and manage their hair, having lengthy locks is not a popular choice. 

It isn't easy to keep your tresses healthy without regular trims. 

Nothing, however, has stopped some women from flaunting their long locks and appearing stunning. 

Hairstylists use the weave length chart to measure long hair weaves and stock up since they never know when a brave lady would walk into their salon wanting to have long hair.

What Is The Most Popular Weave Length?

hair length inches
Medium and long hair, as per the weave length chart, are the two most popular

There isn't anyone popular weave length, but hairstylists prefer to buy medium and long hair on wholesale because most women do not want to have drastic hairstyle changes. They want to keep it simple and subtle.

Above, we learned about the various lengths of hair weaves and how you can style them accordingly. In actuality, hair length is determined by your client's choices. 

They are all distinct individuals who desire to have the haircuts of their dreams. 

A hairstylist, in our opinion, is an artist who can design beautiful hairstyles using their imagination and a glance at the weave length chart because it is important to know a client's preferred length before commencing weaving. 


Nothing is harder for a client sitting in the stylist's chair and being unable to describe how long or short they want their weaves to be. 

As a stylist, you should be able to recommend different lengths, colors, and textures to them. 

If they are unsure of the length, you can advise them to look at the weave length chart to be more comfortable choosing the right length for their desired hairstyle. 

We mainly introduced the weave length chart and the differences between lengths of weaves to make you understand the preferability of a client wanting to have a hairstyle of their dream. 

We have also suggested a few of the popular lengths among other professional hairstylists so that you can buy them in wholesale and stock them up for your next client. 

We offer competitive prices in our collection of hair bundles, so grab the one that best suits your creative style. 

If you have any queries, you can leave them in the comments section below, or if you want to place your wholesale order, click here.