Lace Closures Vs Silk Closures: Tips To Choosing The Right One

Lace Closures Vs Silk Closures: Tips To Choosing The Right One

It is a common advice that women often wear a closure whenever they have sew-ins installed.

However, some might not quite understand the reason.

Apart from providing parting options, closures help achieve a complete look.

Silk and lace closures are top recommendations by experts, but is one better than the other? How do you even choose the right one?

Silk and Lace Closures

A guide to choosing the right closure

This blog contains a detailed comparison of lace and silk closures to provide you with answers to all your burning questions! 

What Are Hair Closures Anyway?

Hair Closures in Colors

What are closures, anyway?

First and foremost, those unfamiliar with hair closures; they are a little piece that can be employed with sew-in hair installations.

Closures can be sewn into your braids or glued down near the hairline.

Both silk and lace closures allow you to be more versatile with your installation by allowing you to part them for a natural look while still providing a complete installation. 

Closures are perfect for women who want a full protective style but only want to leave a tiny piece of hair out or none at all while still having the appearance of a natural part.

Furthermore, the size and length of hair closures can vary. With size, 4x4 is the most popular among wearers. 

Additionally, silk and lace closures are worn to add length and volume. The key is to blend the closure for a seamless result. 

Details of Lace Closures

Details of Lace closures

Fine Details on Lace Closures

Before we get into a comparison of two types of hair closures, let's first learn about each one.

This section will provide you with all necessary information on lace closures. It will feature the definition, benefits, drawbacks, and fantastic usage advice.

A lace closure comprises a mesh fabric where hair is meticulously stitched into. Several varieties of lace are used; however, HD lace, Swiss lace, and translucent lace are among the most popular. Lace closures have visible knots and grid lines. 

Benefits Of Lace Closure 

All of the benefits and drawbacks of lace closures are based on the qualities of the lace. Let's look at what they are and why they are regarded as favorable or unfavorable.

  • An incredibly natural look with lace closure: The net of lace closure is quite flat because it is merely a piece of lace. As a result, when affixed to users' natural hair or sew-in, it appears incredibly natural. The lace adheres to the hair and causes no irregularities in the hair layers.

  • Easy to install: Regardless of length, size, or texture, a lace closure can be affixed to users' hair utilizing sew-in or glue in techniques that cause no pain and require little time or effort.

  • Low maintenance: To maintain a lace closure, you don't need a lot of experience. The most you could ever do to lace closure is wash, condition, and style them.

  • A lace closure protects your hair: You do not need to use heat or color areas of your hair to match the lace. It also lets you experiment with different looks without damaging your hair. 


Drawbacks Of Lace Closure 

A lace closure has various flaws that must be addressed to understand the product better.

  • Knots and grids are visible: A lace closure is distinguished because the knots and grids are easily noticeable. Although it appears natural, you will be able to tell from a short-range.

  • Not as durable as silk: The material is not as resilient as silk because it is a piece of lace. We all understand that silk is known for its durability. However, lace is not.

  • Lace and natural hair growth: If you use a sew-in lace closure as your hair grows, it will push the closure out of the way, requiring a modification once a month. 

Life-Saving Tips To Remember With Lace Closure

Straight hair closure with parting

Tips you need to know

Then, are there any answers to the drawbacks of lace closures? The answer is an unequivocal yes! 

  •  We recommend reducing the amount of heat or chemicals used on your lace closure to make it more durable.

  • You can pick a permanent or temporary solution for visible knots and grids. The permanent solution is to bleach the knots to remove the unnaturally dark spots on the lace. The interim solution is to mask the knots and grids with concealer or make-up powder whenever you wear a closure. Because the permanent one necessitates such abilities, you should get assistance from salons. The latter is rather simple; thus, it is preferable to perform it at home.

Details of Silk Closure

Silk closures

Fine details of Silk closures

As the name suggests, a silk closure is made with a silk base and a lace that covers the exterior part of the silk.

Unlike a lace closure, the knots in silk closure are embedded in the silk layer. They are not visible. As you can see, this gives the appearance of a scalp.

The silk closure has a similar overall look to a lace closure, with the exception of the texture of the mesh.

A silk mesh is distinguished because it is fairly thick, and the knots or grid lines are undetectable.

Silk closures also come in various lengths, sizes, and textures, 4x4 being the most popular size among women. 

Benefits Of Silk Closure 

Now we'll look at the advantages and drawbacks of silk closures.

  • A natural mesh: The mesh, as previously said, is made up of a layer of silk and lace, so it is fairly thick, and the grid lines or knots are completely undetectable. As a consequence, the mesh resembles a natural scalp. The hair appears to be sprouting from the scalp. 

  • Durability: Since the silk base is far thicker and of higher quality than the standard lace base, the durability of a silk closure is unquestionably greater than that of lace closure.

  • Low maintenance and no bleaching required: Silk closure is known for not having to bleach the knots or go the extra mile to achieve a realistic look. It closely resembles the scalp with no noticeable differences. Styling and maintaining silk closure is as simple as lace closure

  • Protects your natural hair: One of the best benefits of a silk closure is that it protects your natural hair while providing a ton of styling versatility. 


Drawbacks Of Silk Closure 

Let's look at the drawbacks of a silk closure to help you make informed decisions. 

  • Thicker feel: Thickening layer effect: Since the silk material is relatively thick, this could bulge and appear odd when affixed to your hair. Furthermore, if your skin tone is on the tanner side, such light and knot-free mesh produce an unrealistic result. The thickness of silk closure also makes it difficult to lay it flat. 

  • High price: When comparing the pricing of lace closures versus silk closures, silk closures are unquestionably more expensive. Quality and pricing are always in sync. 


Life-Saving Tips To Remember With Silk Closure 

Model wearing curly silk closure

Tips to remember with silk closure


Like lace closure, you can do a few things to minimize and fix the drawbacks of silk closure. 

  • What we can do to address the drawbacks of a silk closure is to address the visual issues. If you are concerned about the thickness of a silk closure providing an unnatural appearance, you can disguise it by styling your hair in messy or layered styles.

  • If you are worried about the closure not matching your skin tone, you can go the re-coloring route. 

Hair Care Tips For Closures To Live By

Whatever sort of hair closure you pick, the main thing is that you take good care to keep your closures looking great. Here is a list of things to remember while caring for lace closures or silk closures.

  • Hair closure needs to be combed gently since the hair is stitched to the mesh material. You need to be careful, so the strands do not shed. 

  • The mesh is quickly clogged with small particles; you must thoroughly wash it to ensure that all of the dust is removed. Otherwise, the closures will appear to be full of dandruff when worn.

  • Both silk and lace closures need to be protected from heat since both are delicate. 

  • Ensure to keep your closures moisturized with a good conditioner or a lightweight serum. 

  • Proper storage is an important step in taking care of closures to increase durability. Keep both hairpieces in a cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight. 


All your burning questions about what closures are, the two most popular types of closures, along with their benefits and drawbacks were discussed as above.

Choosing the right closure depends on one's preference. However, we hope the detailed comparison has helped you understand your hair closure needs.

Some people like lace closures because they are thin and lie flat on the head. Others might like silk since it is thicker and looks to be sturdier. 

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