Passion Twist Hair: Care and Maintenance

Passion Twist Hair: Care and Maintenance

Fall is quickly approaching, so it's time for naturalistas all over the world to start thinking about their go-to protective hairstyles for the season. The attractiveness of the passion twists trend is in the fact that everybody may personalize it, whether they want a tousled-yet-chic appearance or a more glam one. Additionally, depending on your hair care regimen, this protective style is very understated, simple to DIY, and lasts for a very long time.

Passion Twist Hair Maintenance

You need to know how to care for your new passion twist hairdo now that you've installed it. You are in the right place. To make your passion twist hair last, we have for you a few tips and tricks. To give your hair that added element of life and to have a longer installation keeping it looking fresh, and understanding how to maintain passion twists is essential. Let’s find out more below about them.

Passion Twist Hair: Understanding The Basics

Beautiful passion twist hair

Beautiful passion twist hair

Hair extensions are used to create two-strand twists called passion twists or spring twists. This style is also referred to as bohemian. In order to achieve goddess-locs-like hair in less time, a hairdresser invented passion twists. The only slight distinction between passion twists and the Senegalese and two-strand twists you've grown to know and love is that passion twists are applied to curly hair.

The use of Freetress Water Wave braiding hair is the secret ingredient in passion twists. These bundles have a silky feel and a curled texture. The tidy and ultra-tight look of Senegalese or Marley twists will never be found in your twists after installation; instead, they will have an almost unraveled appearance.

We advise talking to your hairdresser about how many packets of hair you will need before your consultation because it will depend on your hair density, length, and desired look.

Care And Maintenance Of Passion Twist Hair

Caring for your passion twist hair

Caring for your passion twist hair

Although passion twists have an unfinished, carefree appearance, they do need upkeep if you want them to last. Using oil on your scalp and twists every other day is the greatest way to take care of your passion twists. Here are the steps you need to take so that your protective hairstyles endure longer before you install and style them.

Detangle Your Passion Twist Hair

  • The brand and type of hair you use for your passion twists affect how tangled they become. Using India Hair International’s curly braiding hair for your passion twists will be a great choice as they have Single Drawan Remy Hair that has a natural taper at the end making it easier to put in braids or twists.
  • You can simply run your fingers through your hair and finger detangle each section to remove the tangles caused by your passion twists. 
  • When detangling hair, avoid pulling on it because this can lead to knots and more matting. 
  • At this point, you will also require your beloved pair of scissors to trim any sections that appear to be matting or difficult to untangle with your fingers.

Sleeping With Passion Twist Hair

  • The secret to a long install and avoiding tangling is to maintain your passion twist hair well at night. Keep in mind to use a satin hat or scarf and to tie your hair up at night. 
  • A good material to use is silk. Watch out for bonnets from beauty supply stores; while some of them advertise having "satin linings," these linings occasionally consist of other materials.
  • If you don't wear hair scarves or bonnets, you may also use a satin or silk pillowcase. Your hair will be transformed by this quick evening routine. 

Refreshing Your Passion Twist Hair

  • There are a few things you can do to make your passion twists appear "fresh" once more. 
  • Use hair styling mousse if all you want to do is give it a "fresh" look and define the curls in your hair. When put to your passion twists, hair style mousse gives it a moist look and also defines the curls. 
  • Simply remove some strands from your passion twists, then re-twist the threads around the edge of your hair. Your passion twists will appear brand-new after doing this. If the hair still looks wonderful and you want to update the perimeter, this is a good alternative.

Washing Your Passion Twist Hair

  • If you want to keep your passion twist hair looking good, you can wash them, but avoid swimming in them. 
  • Shampooing your scalp and rinsing it out before washing your passion twists is an option. After that, carefully shampoo the twists themselves. 
  • This method of hair washing will leave your hair clean while preventing damage or unravelling of any twists. 
  • You can even wear a shower cap on the days when you merely want to take a shower without getting your passion twists wet.


You're prepared to rock the hottest protective style of the year now that you understand what passion twists are and how to take care of them. Head to India Hair International to get the best in business hair extensions for your next style.