Pros & Challenges of Keratin Hair Extensions

Pros & Challenges of Keratin Hair Extensions

Volume and long hair length are desired by women of all ages. Keratin hair extensions are often suggested by hairstylists for people new to hair extensions or someone who is looking for a more natural feel in extensions. So, what’s the buzz and why is it a popular choice among hair experts?

Let’s explore!

Keratin hair extensions are sourced from natural human hair that blend perfectly with hair. They have a sticky end that forms a transparent seal around hair strands and stays hidden.

They are one of the oldest traditional hair extensions that have continued to grow in popularity over the years.

Here’s a quick peek into how they look.

Keratin hair extensions
Virgin Indian Hair Wave Extensions

Here’s a quick guide to how they are installed.

One prerequisite to installing is a minimum hair length of 5 inches (12.7 cm) for attachment points to be visible. The extensions are applied 5mm from the scalp.

First step involves selecting a thin strand of hair and locking it in a template circle to protect the scalp.

Using a hot extension iron, the extension is placed onto the selected strand of hair using heat and is rolled to secure it.

These steps are repeated to place the extensions across the head.

An alternative application method called Cold fusion is used for extensions that come with pre-tips made of keratin polymers that are attached at the roots of hair using special tools.

This method does not require heat application.

Here are Pros & Challenges of Keratin Hair extensions.


  1. Safe for Scalp & Hair

Purple hair with extensions

Wash, Dry and Style them just like Normal Hair

Keratin is a protein that makes up human hair. The tiny beads of adhesive made of keratin in these hair extensions blend right into hair.

Unlike other hair extensions, these can be curled, dried and colored just like normal hair.

There is no damage done to hair or scalp during application and removal.

  1. Natural Look

Recreate your Favorite Everyday looks

Keratin hair extensions add depth and dimension to hair. Biggest plus is the fact that they feel just like natural hair and no one can tell they’re in, even in ponytails.

Adding real hair to your existing hair allows it to flow like your own with minimal need for styling.

These are great for people with busy schedules as they can go out and about without having to spend hours styling their hair to make sure extensions stay hidden.

Moreover, they can be styled to fit any dress code. From attending classes at college to office meetings, these extensions look great for any occasion.

  1. No Artificial Shine 

Smiling woman with straight hair
100% Natural and zero added shine

Most extensions have a prominent shine that make them look different from normal hair. It’s easy to spot extensions when they shine and stand out amidst natural hair.
Keratin extensions blend really well with natural hair and have the texture of real hair as it is made from natural human hair.


  1. Variety

multicolored hair extensions in store
Wide range available

Keratin extensions come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be purchased in bundles.

Depending on the type of look you’d like to achieve, these can be purchased in lengths ranging from 20 to 24 inches.

India hair International offers these extensions in a wide range of colors, even natural ones.


  1. Long Application Process

hairstyling in salon

 Application at Hair Salons with Professionals

A typical installation process for a full head can take anywhere between 2 to 8 hours. The extensions are placed onto small portions of hair strands using a strand-by-strand method that takes time.

  1. One-time use

 Grown out hair at the top

Keratin hair extensions can only be used once as the sticky keratin ends bond with hair during fusion/heat application.

Moreover, as the hair close to the scalp starts growing, the extensions move further down and have to be removed by a hairdresser.

Unlike clip-ins, these cannot be reused upon removal.

  1. Cost

wholesale hair bundles
Bundles for Full-Head application

Unlike Tape-in and Clip-in hair extensions, keratin extensions require application, removal and maintenance at hair salons by professional and experienced hairstylists.

The fee for application, removal and reapplication is not inclusive when you buy them at hair salons.

Therefore, it’s usually cost-effective to buy them in bundles or wholesale.

After weighing the pros and challenges carefully, if you are still curious to find out why they are a popular choice and why hairdressers continue to recommend them to new clients even today, read on to find out.

What makes keratin hair extensions popular?

High-quality extensions last long. For example, the remi-drawn keratin extensions at India Hair International last up to a year with proper care.

The lower the cost of extensions, the reduced its life-span is, as cheap extensions that cost as little as $5 last only up to a week. The quality is majorly compromised in cheap extensions and pose a risk to hair.

High-quality keratin extensions are popular among people looking to invest in quality extensions that last long and require low maintenance.

Hair salons and professional hairstylists with a high level of expertise are usually quick with applications. When applied correctly, these extensions can be maintained easily and last long.

How to maintain and care for keratin extensions?

braided hair

 Loose braids

Here are a few tips to maximize the lifespan of extensions.

  1. Use sulphate-free shampoos as regular shampoos contain hair chemicals that damage keratin ends and strip color off hair.
  2. Avoid styling with heat appliances as they can damage sticky ends of extensions and cause them to fall out.
  3. Sleep in loose braids or low pony to prevent tension and stress at site bonds that connect hair with extensions.
  4. Use mild conditioners to keep them looking healthy and natural.

That was a list of pros and challenges associated with keratin extensions and instructions on how to care for them in case you decide to get them. Have you ever had them? What are your thoughts? Drop us a line in the comments section and let us know what you think of them.