Frontal Ponytail Styles

The Frontal Ponytail Styles Inspiration You've Been Searching For!

Everyone can appreciate the elegant appearance of sleek ponytails. Ponytails are chic and hassle-free while still making your clients look like a total knock-out babe!

frontal ponytail styles

Frontal ponytail styles inspiration you’ve been searching for! 

But most people aren’t fans of the possible hair damage it can have on their natural hair. Here is some good news for us all: frontal ponytail styles are here to help! 

You know about frontals and lace front wigs; now imagine it in ponytail form. Frontal ponytail styles are installed in the same manner as a lace front wig

At India Hair International, we source 100% virgin Indian and Remy hair from the temples of India to bring to you and your customers the highest quality human hair. 

These ponytail styles are a great way to wear sleek ponytails without damaging your natural hair. 

Here are 13 frontal ponytail styles inspiration your clients can appreciate! 

1. Frontal Ponytail Style With Bangs

frontal ponytail
Sleek frontal ponytail style with bangs

The "classic-chic" ponytail hairstyle with bangs is one of today's most prevalent frontal ponytail styles. This chic style comprises hair being sleeked back with bangs. When styling the look, use a styling mousse to achieve the shining effect on the frontal ponytail styles.

2. Frontal Slicked-Back Ponytail

frontal ponytail with swoop
Slick back ponytail 

If the side-part/bang is not your client’s thing, consider the slick back frontal ponytail look. There is no obvious parting in this ponytail frontal style. However, intricate contouring of the hair's edges is commonly done to maintain the look's natural appearance.

Use a Virgin Indian Straight Lace Front Wig to amaze your clients today! 

3. Half-Up, Half-Down Frontal Ponytail Style

side part frontal ponytail
Half-up, half-down frontal ponytail styles

Style your client’s hair in a half-up, half-down frontal ponytail for a more laid-back hairdo. You can also curl the frontal ponytail styles for more well-defined waves. Add finishing touches using hairspray for an all-day hold.

4. Frontal Ponytail Styles In Braids

high frontal ponytail
Frontal ponytail styles in braids

After a few days of wearing frontal ponytail styles, you can braid it up for your clients during the next hair appointment to extend the time frame of the look! To keep the look fresh and shining, use shine hairspray with ingredients like shea and borage seed for grease-free hair sheen.

5. Timeless Low Frontal Ponytail Styles

sleek frontal ponytail
Low frontal ponytail styles 

The beauty of frontal ponytail styles is that they can be as adaptable as you want them to be. This ponytail style is a timeless aesthetic that never goes out of style. 

A low, sleek ponytail is classic, and it adds a sophisticated accent to any outfit. Your client can wear this effortless style for any occasion, whether they are going out to brunch with their girlfriends or wanting a quick hairdo for the workweek. 

This ponytail style complements any clothing, so you can jazz it up or down as per your client’s ensemble!

6. Old School Ponytail 

lace frontal ponytail
Old school ponytail 

Sometimes, simplicity is the key. A high ponytail is one of the “it girl hairdo trends,” whether your clientele wants to try a Zendaya-inspired look or a simple style for a night out. 

The high frontal ponytail style has become a popular hairstyle for black women, owing to its adaptability to various hair types. 

Plus, you can change it up by putting the hair in a braid or accessorizing it with gold clips and gold hair wraps. As a finishing touch, lay the edges to give it a sleek appearance. 

The charm of simple high frontal ponytail styles is that it's simple to change up without taking anything down. 

Create this style with Virgin Indian Yaki Straight Frontal and you can give your clients the best of both worlds. It is a fantastic playful look!

7. Deep Side Part Ponytail

sleek ponytail with frontal
Deep side part ponytail

Frontal ponytail styles with a deep side part are one hairstyle that can keep the winter blues at bay and bring summer and spring back into action. 

This is a ponytail hairstyle appropriate for both the Oscars red carpet and a night out with girlfriends. If your clients want to wear low ponytail styles to add some sophistication, this is their hairstyle.

The deep side part ponytail is a stylish and daring appearance. Swoops are back in vogue, and when combined with a beautifully placed ponytail, your client’s hair will be the subject of talk wherever they go! 

8. Bubble Frontal Ponytail Styles

natural hair ponytail styles
Bubble frontal ponytail styles 

If your clients are wary of wearing their ponytail in the back or don't want to wear a low ponytail, this is the style to suggest!

Bubble frontal ponytail styles are the perfect blend of childhood and fun with the right make-up and outfit.

This ponytail style is merely a spin on the conventional ponytail, and the setup is more or less the same. Once you create the "bubbles" in the ponytail, it's time to pay great attention to the details so that you don't have to start over. 

Your clients can wear their bubble ponytail styles in a high or low ponytail; the choice is entirely theirs. Some ladies also prefer to wear their ponytails to the side!

9. The Duchess Ponytail

frontal high ponytail
The Duchess ponytail 

In terms of royalty, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, wore her hair in a middle part and sleek relaxed ponytail during her royal visits. The look caught attention due to its effortlessness and departure from her regular style of a loose bun or waves. 

She wore a relaxed ponytail with a simple dress and blazer, which became a style inspiration for many Instagram influencers. So, if it’s good for the Duchess, we are sure that it is good for your clients!

10. Curly Ponytail In Scarf

curly ponytail
Curly frontal ponytail styles in scarf

If your clients want something different with their frontal ponytail hairstyle, why not add a pop of color using hair accessories?  You add a cute silk scarf to secure the ponytail to slay the look. 

It is not only a terrific fashion accessory, but it is also a low-maintenance option to wear the look. Let the scarf do the talking instead of the ponytail or extra hair glue in the back! 

You can create this cute and easy look for your clients using Virgin Indian Curly Frontal and we are sure they will keep coming back for more!

11. The Beyonce Ponytail

frontal braided ponytail
Channel your inner Queen B with the Beyonce frontal ponytail style 

Beyoncé wore a high ponytail that cascaded to the side in curls that sat exactly above her shoulder at the Met Gala a few years prior. Expect nothing less from Queen Bey, who paired her ponytail with a gorgeous bejeweled gown.

Her hairstylist understood the assignment! We adore her ponytail styles because they will flatter practically any woman trying to breathe new life into her ponytails!

12. Multi-Colored Frontal Ponytail Styles

360 frontal ponytail
Enjoy the sunset in your frontal ponytail styles

Hair colors and hairstyles always go hand-in-hand when it comes to being on-trend. So, does it come as a surprise to see multi-colored ponytail styles on our list? 

Multi-colored hair was popular not long ago, but this version adds a twist by embracing pastel colors that blend well when styled in ponytail styles. 

We adore the splash of gorgeous pastel-colored hair – it's a cotton candy-style look that's perfect for when summer comes in a couple of weeks!

Apart from women in their 20s, we have seen rainbow frontal ponytail styles on women of all ages. So be sure to recommend rich ponytail styles to ladies who want to live life in colors!

13. Textured Frontal Ponytail Styles

frontal ponytail with bang
Kerry Washington's textured frontal ponytail style

We have seen textured frontal ponytail styles on the red carpet and on our social media feed. Textured ponytail styles blended with your client's natural curls create a full and chic look that they can slay. 

For one, Kerry Washington's textured frontal ponytail style is one of her most iconic looks on the red carpet. Your clients can also let their natural curls fly with frontal ponytail styles. 

The key to achieving such a striking effect is volume and Virgin Brazilian Kinky Curly Lace Front Wig. If your clients want more volume, all you need to do is backcomb the ponytail region gently!

FAQs About Frontal Ponytail Styles

braided ponytail styles
FAQs about frontal ponytail styles-answered! 

1. Can you style frontals in different hairstyles?

Yes, you can style frontals in a plethora of hairstyles, including ponytail styles. 

One of the most significant advantages of wearing a lace frontal hairpiece is the variety it provides. Virgin lace frontals give you a natural hairline, allowing you to arrange your hair any way you like. It's as if you were arranging your own natural hair!

2. Can frontals be parted anywhere?

One of the most remarkable features of a frontal piece is the ability to part your hair in almost any way. Since the material creates the illusion of your scalp along the length of your hairline, your part will look natural no matter how you style it.

3. How long do frontal ponytail styles last?

Frontals are useful because they can be reused and you only need to retouch them a few times. Overall, depending on how you install it, frontal installations should last 2-3 weeks to up to 8 weeks.

4. Can your lace front wig make a ponytail?

Yes, you can wear lace front wigs with a ponytail! To help hold the ponytail, add a well-fitting wig cap underneath your wig. Using wig adhesive to glue the lace down on your forehead helps hold the wig firmly and keeps your hairstyle stable.


Ponytails are no longer just for gym days or a sleepy look; they add elegance and sophistication to any outfit. These frontal ponytail styles are ideal for any occasion, whether your clients are getting ready for a date night or a night out with their girlfriends!

All there is left to do is get the finest hand-crafted virgin frontals from us! 

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