The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Human Hair Wig for Your Clients

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Human Hair Wig for Your Clients

Human hair wigs are known for their all natural look as well as for being easy to manage and style. They offer versatility when it comes to styling and re-styling options and you can change the look of the natural human hair wig just the same way that you change the look of a natural head of hair.

With so many human hair wigs on the market - choosing the one that’s just right for your client can be a difficult decision. We’ve done some of the hard work for you and prepared a basic guide to all things human hair wig. We’ll walk you through the important aspects to keep in mind when picking out that perfect all natural human hair wig - from the hair type and color to cap construction and maintenance - we’ve got you covered. 

We’ll show you how to pick out the right human hair wig that’s easy for your client to manage and style and comfortable and natural for your client to pull off. 

Understanding Hair Types

When it comes to natural human hair wigs, the type of hair that’s used to make the wig makes a big difference to its overall look and feel. We’ve selected the most popular hair types out there and given you the low down on what to expect when dealing with them. Some are more sought after for their texture while others for their color. Let’s take a quick look at the different types of hair types that are used to make the perfect all natural human hair wig. 

European Hair

European hair wigs are known for being luxurious and lightweight. They’re hugely popular for their fine texture and natural appearance. They’re soft and silky and come in a range of colors. The European hair wigs are a great option for those that want a wig that’s not too heavy to wear and one that feels comfortable and easy to wear.  

Brazilian Hair

The Brazilian Hair wigs are known for their long lasting nature and natural durability. They can withstand the punishment of heat styling products and multiple coloring sessions because of their natural thickness and toughness. If your client is looking for volume and longevity then Brazilian hair wigs are a good choice. 

Indian Hair

Indian hair is widely regarded as one of the most versatile hair types. It is naturally thick, lustrous, and blends well with various hair textures. Indian hair wigs are a great choice for clients seeking versatility and natural-looking styles. By understanding the unique characteristics of Indian hair and considering factors like quality, texture, cap construction, and maintenance, you can assist your clients in selecting the perfect Indian hair wig to meet their styling needs.

Asian Hair

Asian hair is known for its straight and sleek texture. It is thick, resilient, and holds styles exceptionally well. Asian hair wigs are suitable for clients with naturally straight or slightly wavy hair.

Cap Construction

Full Lace Cap

The full lace caps feature hair that is individually tied to the cap and make for the most natural looking hairlines. The full lace wigs are breathable, airy and comfortable and they let your scalp remain healthy and fresh even while you wear the wig. Full lace caps are great for those that are looking for a wig that they can wear for the long term.

Lace Front Cap 

Lace front caps feature a lace material at the front hairline, allowing for a seamless and natural appearance. The rest of the cap is constructed with materials such as monofilament or wefted rows. Lace front caps provide a realistic hairline and are suitable for clients who prefer off-the-face styling.

Monofilament Cap

Monofilament caps feature a sheer, breathable fabric at the crown area, mimicking the look of a natural scalp. The hair strands are individually hand-tied onto the cap, providing realistic movement and multidirectional parting. Monofilament caps are ideal for clients seeking the most natural-looking wigs.

Cap Size and Fit

When you’re picking out the perfect natural human hair wig for your client, ensure that you accurately measure your clients' head circumference to choose the appropriate cap size. Consider adjustable straps and clips for a secure and comfortable fit. A well-fitting cap ensures the wig stays in place and provides a natural appearance.

Matching Hair Color and Style 

Color Matching 

When you’re picking out the perfect natural human hair wig for your client you’re going to want to pick out a color that matches their style and mood. You can choose from a whole range of colors and pick the one that’s best suited to your client’s individual preferences. 

Hairstyle and Texture

Consider your clients' desired hairstyle and texture. Human hair wigs can be styled, curled, straightened, and even cut to create a personalized look. Choose a wig with a texture that closely resembles your clients' natural hair or the desired style they wish to achieve.

Maintenance and Care 

Maintaining and caring for the human hair wig is simple as long as you follow some basic rules of thumb. You should always use a wide toothed comb to untangle your wig and give it a free flowing and natural appearance. 

When washing your natural human hair wig you can use the same products that you would when taking care of your own hair. As natural human hair wigs are made from real human hair, they can withstand the pressures of styling products and everyday wear and tear. Using sulfate free shampoos and protecting the wig from excess heat and humidity also greatly increase it’s longevity and luster. 

Where to find the best natural human hair wigs?

While there are a lot of places to choose from - we’ve narrowed it down to one producer that’s got some great options when it comes to natural human hair wigs. IHI has a great collection of all natural human hair wigs that are just right for you and your client. Head over to IHI for a closer look at some great human hair wigs.