Top 10 hairstyles with deep wave hair extensions and wigs

Top 10 hairstyles with deep wave hair extensions and wigs

While straight hair conveys a sense of elegance and refinement, deep wave hair is just magnificent! The hair has gorgeous tight and dense waves that resemble Type 3 curls from roots to ends with a slight taper. Deep wave extensions and wigs are made using chemical-free virgin Indian human hair and blend seamlessly with natural hair! 

Women can't get enough of the rich, free-flowing tight wavy locks that perfectly frame the face, enhancing and complementing your greatest facial features.

Deep wave hairstyles have become the hottest styles of 2022! So, if you are looking for a trend-setting style, we have a list of the 10 best hairstyles with deep wave hair extensions and wigs! 

  • Deep Wave Bubblegum Pink Bun 

A bun hairstyle is timeless, but when the hairstyle is done right, with a deep wave hair wig, you can elevate the classic style! The combination of the bubblegum pink hue and gorgeous deep wave texture with face-framing tendrils is a hairstyle you won't be able to get enough of! 

Pro tip: You can custom-make a full lace wig with our deep wave Indian hair. 

  • The Snatched High Ponytail Hairstyle 


This is a must-try for any glitzy occasions or girls' night out! Deep wave hair looks marvelous when it's styled properly. Go with this snatched high ponytail hairstyle instead of the regular high ponytail. The hairstyle brings the tight and dense texture to the forefront, and the long length makes a tremendous difference to your look! 

The ponytail height will accentuate any outfit and your features, and the cascading deep wave ponytail serves as a statement piece.

  • Tousled And Chic With A Deep Wave Hair Sew-In 

The versatility of the virgin deep wave Indian hair allows stylists and clients to experiment with different textures! You can turn the tight waves into a tousled and chic center-parted hairstyle using a straightener and a curler. 

The sultry and effortless sew-in hairstyle offers a youthful appearance, while the large waves around the mid-shaft create the right volume!

  • Half-Bun With A Deep Wave Wig 

Looking for a way to highlight your lovely features while exhibiting your magnificent, long deep wave hair? Wear your deep wave lace wig in a half-bun style. The half-up, half-down hairstyle showcases the deep wave texture, while the lace front provides a natural look! 

Create a center part before tying the top section into a bun. Take a small section of hair out on both sides and let the rest of the deep wave hair effortlessly flow past your shoulder.

  • Free-Flowing Deep Wave Hair With Braids 

Are you looking for hairstyle inspirations for your vacation? Well, this is it! If you like the concept of braids but don't want a fully braided look, this free-flowing style with braids in the front is an ideal choice. The braids in the front keep hair away from your face as you continue to flaunt the beautiful deep wave hair texture. This free-flowing hairstyle screams #tropicalgetaway

  • Deep Wave Ponytail With Twists 

Spice up your deep wave hairstyle with a ponytail and a couple of twists at the front. The detailed twists at the front with defined and lustrous deep wave hair texture take the ponytail hairstyle to another level! Create this masterpiece with accessories like gold cuffs and beads and deep wave hair extensions. 

Tip: Use a curl-enhancing cream to define the tight waves, and add an eccentric braid on both sides to elevate your style. 

  • Straight Back And Tossed Deep Wave Weave

This voluminous deep wave weave style is the perfect way to keep things simple. Instead of the traditional side or center part, send your deep wave hair into a free-flow cascading down your back. Sweep your front hair back for a voluminous curve that screams "daring diva." Pair the weave with our Virgin Indian Curly Frontal for additional styling versatility!

  • An Alluring Low-Side Ponytail Hairstyle 

This captivating low-side ponytail hairstyle with deep wave hair extensions will make you stand out, whether it's for a casual occasion or a special affair. The hairstyle looks incredible with dresses and equally chic with jeans and sneakers! The timeless low ponytail also helps you showcase your makeup and keeps hair away from your face. 

  • The Baddie Pigtails 

Stepping up the hair game is essential for those who wish to appear more fashionable! Baddie hairstyles are terrific for the 'Gram, and they look especially lovely when worn with somewhat straightened deep wave hair. Showcase your creativity with mini pigtails and accessories. 

The center part with strategically styled edges, free-flowing hair, and winged liners give us major hair goals! 

  • The Simple And Chic Style With Short Deep Wave Hair

While many love wearing long deep wave wigs and extensions, short deep wave hairstyles lead the style chart for being effortlessly chic and cool! If you are looking for a trendy and cute hairstyle, consider this chic hairstyle. The hairstyle has ample volume and dimension and provides an extremely youthful and refreshing appearance. We love how glamorous this short hairstyle looks!!


Long or short, you can flaunt any trendy hairstyle with the perfect set of deep wave hair extensions and wigs. We hope you found a style from the top 10 listed above! 

With many gorgeous and head-turning hairstyles, all there's left to do is to get your hands on the best deep wave extensions and wigs from our collection of Indian virgin hair!