Top 10 Lace Front Hairstyles

Top 10 Lace Front Hairstyles

We've been absolutely obsessed with lace fronts, and based on the numbers, so have you!

Lace fronts have become a hallmark in the hair world over the last several years, and we don't see them going anywhere any time soon. 

Lace fronts are noted for their versatility because they can be styled in various ways and are available in numerous textures and lengths. 

It's amazing how genuine and natural lace fronts have become in recent years.

There are hundreds of reasons people love wearing lace front wigs, frontals, and closures, from wanting full coverage to parting options and hairstyle versatility that we lack with our current natural hair. 

You are at the right place if you're a beginner to the lace front crew or a lace front specialist in search of some fresh hairstyle ideas.

These 10 stunning lace frontal hairstyles will save you from styling woes in no time!!

1.  Cute & Curly Half-Up Space Buns With Lace Front Wig 

Curly space buns hairstyle

One of the cutest lace front hairstyles

This curly space buns hairstyle is one of the best ways to revamp your look. It's simply two buns on your head; it's extremely cute but not overly complex. This hairstyle is simple to achieve with a Curly Indian Lace Front Wig and can be worn every day! Follow the steps outlined in this post!

  • Braid your natural hair and tuck it under a wig cap-ensure everything is tucked away. 
  • Put your curly lace front wig on and decide where you want the hairline. 
  • Lift the lace of your wig and apply glue to begin the installation process. 
  • Apply the glue around the hairline to achieve one of the cutest lace front hairstyles 
  • Grab your scissors, trim the lace near the ears, and wrap a scarf around-this will help keep the wig in place as you style your hair!
  • Grab a rattail comb, create a center part, and take out 2 small sections of hair to frame your face. 
  • Since this is a half-up space buns hairstyle, clip the bottom section of your hair away and prepare to create the buns.
  • Grab a section, use a hair gel and brush it upwards with a bristle brush to mold the hair. Then tie your hair into a pigtail and repeat the same step for the other side. 
  • Twist your pigtails one at a time and wrap them around to create a bun. Use hair ties to secure the buns. Shape your space buns.
  • Unclip the rest of your hair and apply mousse.
  • Remove the scarf and style the face-framing pieces that you left out earlier.

2.  Kinky Straight Hairstyle With Side Part 

Straight hairstyle using lace front with side parting

Straight hair look with side parting

Are you looking for one of the lace front hairstyles that will make you stand out instantly? If your answer is yes, then we have the hairstyle for you! Your natural curls appear to be blown out. 

The side part helps frame the face, making people of all shapes and sizes seem even more attractive. Install an Indian virgin yaki straight wig on, straighten your hair and don’t worry about damaging the wig because good quality virgin hair wigs like these will be intact.

3.  Gorgeous Side-Parted Layered Body Wave Hairstyle 

Wavy hairstyle with side parting

Wavy hairstyle with side parting

A side-parted layered body wave hairstyle is one of the most popular and sought-after looks for lace front hairstyles

If you desire styling versatility like no other, then get Wavy Virgin Hair Frontal installed with body wave human hair bundles. The frontal will help achieve a fuller look, and the human hair bundles will offer length and texture! 

This gorgeous side-parted layered body wave hairstyle is easy to recreate, and there's the additional benefit of being able to enjoy styling versatility for 6-8 weeks with sewn-in bundles. 

Benefit: Virgin body wave bundles can be heat styled to achieve any lace front hairstyles of your dreams! 

  • Begin with clean, washed hair and let it air-dry. 
  • Comb your sew-in from the ends to the roots in gentle strokes to detangle.
  • Apply a lightweight hair serum for a lustrous and shiny appearance.
  • Part your frontal to recreate one of the most sought-after lace front hairstyles with a rattail comb. 
  • Once the parting is sorted, apply styling wax to flatten your frontal hairpiece and use a hot comb for a sleeker look. 
  • Clip all your hair away and get ready to style your baby hair. Use a styling gel and style your baby hair. 
  • Unclip your hair, apply a heat protectant, and use a curler to accentuate your hair's gorgeous body wave texture. 
  • Fluff or shake your head to achieve an effortless wavy layered hairstyle! 

4.  Elegantly Curled Half-Up Hairstyle 

Curled up hairstyle

Elegant, modern, and a stylish hairstyle

Elegant hairstyles go a long way, and they are one of the lace front hairstyles appropriate for both formal and casual events. 

The hairstyle will make you stand out regardless of the event, weather, season, etc. Furthermore, this elegantly curled half-up hairstyle isn't difficult to master, especially with a Wavy Virgin Lace Front Wig

  • Prep your natural hair to install the wavy virgin hair wig. Braid your hair and put on your wig cap. 
  • Install your wavy human hair wig and decide where you want your hairline to begin. 
  • Lift the wig's lace portion, apply glue on the wig cap, and slowly lay the wig's lace over the glue. 
  • Trim the lace near the ears with scissors. Use a scarf and tie it around your hairline. 
  • Take a few sections out and gather the rest of the hair at the back. 
  • Divide your hair into two sections at the back and tie the bottom section away. 
  • Gently backcomb the top section and spritz hairspray to achieve a thicker look. 
  • Tie the top section into a small ponytail, insert the ponytail, and pull it from under. 
  • Untie the bottom section you tied earlier and divide your hair into sections. 
  • Apply heat protectant and curl your hair in sections; pin the curls until you are done curling your entire hair. 
  • Undo the pins and spritz a holding spray to hold the curls. 
  • Accessorize your elegant lace front hairstyle, and don't forget to curl the face-framing pieces! 

Note: Pair the gorgeous hairstyle with a slim sleeveless dress and heels. 

5.  Long Side Bangs Hairstyle 

Side bangs hairstyle

Best face framing side bangs lace front hairstyle

Nothing beats the simplicity of long side bangs among the many lace front hairstyles. It is the perfect hairstyle to wear with your Virgin Indian Straight Lace Front Wig. Parting your hair to incorporate long side bangs is a terrific alternative when you want to frame your face.

Side bangs are popular and known for adding volume to your look. The great point is you can achieve various lace front hairstyles with bangs even if your hair wig doesn't necessarily come with pre-designed bangs!!

  • Braid your natural hair and use a styling gel to slick down flyaways. 
  • Put your straight human hair wig on. 
  • Create a clean side part with a rat tail comb and flatten the base with a hot comb. Use styling wax to flatten the hair before hot combing it. 
  • Use black or dark brown eye shadow along the center part and use your finger to blend it further. This step is entirely optional, and we think it's only necessary if you aren't wearing a wig cap or if the wig cap doesn't match your skin tone. 
  • Clip your hair away and spray the wig glue on top of the lace of the wig. Use your hair dryer to fasten the drying process. Go over this step once more to ensure the wig stays in place. 
  • Create an incision in the center and trim the excess lace off. Be careful when cutting the lace off, especially if you are new to installing wigs on your own- you might hurt yourself or go overboard with the trimming. 
  • Flat iron or curl your wig depending on the style you want to achieve with this long side bangs hairstyle. 
  • Take a section of hair out to create the bangs and clip the rest of your hair away. 
  • Grab your scissors and cut the bangs near the chin. Cutting near the chin will allow you to play with the length or make the adjustment to the bangs. 
  • Use your hot comb to mold the bangs, and use a curler or a flatiron to style your long side bangs!

6.  Long Voluminous Lace Front Waves 

Long voluminous hairstyle

Long voluminous hairstyle

This lace front hairstyle with waves is everything you have ever dreamed of for your hair!

This style is perfect for a girls' night out, a romantic date night, or even family time. You're going to look stunning.

Here are the steps that will give you this gorgeous hairstyle in no time!

  • Install your curly human hair wig.
  • Part your hair using a rat tail comb.
  • Use styling wax to flatten the parted area and go over it with a hot comb.
  • Use an eyeshadow (brown or something closer to your tone) and color the parted hairline for a natural look.
  • Scrunch mousse the curls and you are done!

7.  Stunningly Sleek E-Girl Hairstyle

E-girl hairstyle

One of the best lace front hairstyles of the year

The E-Girl hairstyle emerged online and became a look on its own complete with winged liners and aesthetic clothing. If you are stuck in the styling rut, this edgy and stunning e-girl look is one of the best ways to get out of it if you dare! 

We recommend using a frontal hairpiece to replicate this look, so you don't have to color your hair or your precious virgin hair wigs. Styling this look is super easy, so let's go over the steps to dye your frontal hairpiece to enjoy multiple lace front hairstyles

Things you will need:

  • Mannequin head
  • Virgin hair lace frontal hairpiece 
  • T-tips
  • Duckbill hair clips 
  • Hair tie
  • Silver foil 
  • Gloves
  • Bleach 
  • The hair color of choice 
  • Mixing container 
  • Applicator 
  • Place your lace frontal hairpiece on the mannequin head and secure it with t-pins. 
  • Part the hair into 2 sections; a small section to dye and tie the rest of the hair away. Use the duckbill clips to keep the rest of the hair away. 
  • Put your gloves on and mix the bleach and developer in the mixing container. Follow the 1:2 ratios of bleach and developer. 
  • Place silver foil under the section that you will bleach. 
  • Apply the mixture to the sectioned strands using the applicator. 
  • Close the foil once you are done bleaching the frontal and let the bleach sit for 30-45 minutes. 
  • After the time is up, wash the bleach out. Shampoo and condition the section, and let it air-dry 70%. 
  • Mix the hair dye as per the instruction on the box and apply it to the bleached sections. Wash and condition after 30 minutes (depending on the color box or pamphlet). 
  • Let the lace front air-dry, and you're done!

Caution: Ensure that you bleach and color the frontal an inch away from the lace base to prevent changing the color of the lace material. 

8.  Fabulous French Braids 

French braid hairstyle

Loose and fabulous French braid hairstyle

The French braid is a popular childhood style that has made its way into adulthood. It is a fabulous hairstyle that easily spruces up any clothing. French braids are one of the most popular braided lace front hairstyles among wig wearers. 

  • Prep your natural hair and install the virgin hair wig. Braid your hair and put on your wig cap. 
  • Install your wavy human hair wig and decide where you want your hairline to begin. 
  • Lift the wig's lace portion, apply wig glue on the cap, and slowly lay the wig's lace over the glue. 
  • Trim the lace near the ears with scissors. Use a scarf and tie it around your hairline. 
  • Part it into two sections from the middle. 
  • Start with one side; divide the hair into three equal sections. You don't need to start close to the front hairline.
  • Spray the three sections with hairspray and begin braiding by crossing the left portion over the center, followed by the right piece over the center, as in a classic braid.
  • Repeat the crossing steps and add sections of hair as you go.
  • Go over the braiding steps for the second section and secure the ends with a thin hair tie. 

Alternatively, you can also create a single fabulous French braid hairstyle with the following steps after installing and securing your lace front wig: 

  • Divide your straight lace front wig into two sections (top and bottom). 
  • Make three equal-sized strands from the top portion of your wig. Take the right strand in your right hand and the left in your left. Keep the center strand in place by holding it with your thumb.
  • Cross the left strand of lace front wig hair between the right and center strands. Avoid pulling the pieces too tightly, as it might cause your wig cap to rip.
  • Continue French braiding the hair to create one of the best lace front hairstyles by following the third steps until you reach the end of the section.
  • Secure your fabulous single French braid with a hair tie. Gently loosen the braid for a chic and effortless result!

9.  Voluminous Ponytail Hairstyle

One of the best volume-packed lace front hairstyles

One of the best volume-packed lace front hairstyles

Ponytails are a basic yet exquisite hairstyle. This voluminous ponytail style is appropriate for any occasion, from a casual get-together to a crucial job interview you've been preparing for days. Today, let's look at creating a ponytail with a virgin kinky curly lace front wig

  • Before prepping your natural hair and installing the kinky curly lace front wig, tweeze the wig's hairline to create a hairline that resembles your hairline. 
  • Braid your hair, wear a wig cap, and wear & secure the kinky curly wig.
  • Dampen your wig with water and scrunch the curls for definition. 
  • Apply mousse near the base of your wig for a slightly smooth appearance at the base.
  • Gather and tie the hair into a ponytail. 

10.  Long Cascading Wavy Hairstyle 

Long cascading waves

Loose wave hair look

We have spotted gorgeous long cascading wavy lace front hairstyles on our favorite celebrities and influencers, and we know you have! So why not give this look a shot with a Body Wave Wig? After all, the cascading wavy hairstyle has been one of the top hairstyles of the year!

This hairstyle is easiest to replicate with a virgin body wave wig and requires little effort to style and slay!

  • As always, start with clean hair; wash your natural hair before you install the wig.
  • Install the wig and part your hair in the desired direction-show off your best side effortlessly!
  • Secure the wig with glue and turn on your curler.
  • Apply a heat protectant before enhancing the gorgeous body waves texture.
  • Go the extra mile and set the look with a styling spray, and pair the long cascading wavy hairstyle with your favorite dress!


Everyone is obsessed with lace front hairstyles, and these are our top picks for the top 10 lace front hairstyles. Experiment and enjoy endless styles with lace front hairpieces, and look your absolute best every time! 

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