Wavy Hair Extensions Vs Curly Hair Extensions - Know The Differences!

Wavy Hair Extensions Vs Curly Hair Extensions - Know The Differences!


The hair industry is significantly more diverse than you might think, with a huge variety of hairstyles and hair variations, including the debate over curly hair extensions vs. wavy hair extensions. If there are no issues telling separate body waves from straight hair, many individuals could find it difficult to identify between wavy and curly hair due to the differences between the two. 

If you're one of those people who can't tell the difference between wavy hair extensions and curly hair extensions, don't worry; this article will provide you with a fundamental explanation and thorough comparison of the two types of hair.

Wavy Hair Extension

The hair type known as wavy hair extension has hair strands that maintain their alignment and have a loose S-shape. 

There are many people with wavy hair in the world, but they are only slightly more common than persons with straight hair. As a result, this hair type was created early and maintains a steady market in the hair extensions industry.

Curly Hair Extensions

The tight S-shaped strands of the curly hair extensions are curly. Additionally, the curls in curly hair can be styled to look coiled or zigzag. 

In comparison to straight hair, curly hair is thought to be less oily. In the market for hair extensions, this sort of hair has long since become fashionable.

Distinguishing Factors Between Wavy Hair Extensions & Curly Hair Extensions

The difference between the two styles is very negligible, but there are some clues that will help you to spot them apart.

  • Both of these two hair types, curly hair extensions vs wavy hair extensions, have strands that resemble an S. The distinction between wavy and curly hair is that whereas curly hair has a tighter volume, wavy hair has a looser S-shape. As a result, the looks of curly and wavy hair extensions vary.
  • Another distinction between curly and wavy hair extensions is that they have different hair lengths. This hairstyle is lengthier after curling than the curly hair because the volumes of wavy hair vs. curly hair extensions are more extended. In addition, curly hair is more likely to tangle than wavy hair.
  • Wavy hair offers a more natural-looking extension appearance than curly hair with stretched curls. The hairline is unnoticeable, and it is simple to mix in with the natural hair strands.
  • By loosening or tightening its curls, wavy hair extensions can easily transform into alternative hairstyles. These waves would make an absolutely gorgeous braid.
  • Curly hair cannot absorb the essence of hair care products like wavy hair can. Additionally, it uses a less proportion of materials than the curly style.

Maintaining Wavy Hair Extensions

Learn the tricks to style your wavy hair extensionsLearn the tricks to style your wavy hair extensions

  • Shorten the time you spend washing your wavy hair extensions:

While you should clean your wavy hair extensions on a regular basis, over-washing could put stress on the wavy hair strands. As a result, you should only wash your wavy curls when they are filthy. Wavy hair should be washed twice weekly.

  • Drying your wavy hair extensions with care:

The forceful airflow and high temperature of the dryer will also mess up your curly, wavy hair. As a result, gently dry your wavy hair curls after washing them. Even better, you can keep them by scrunching upwards while holding wavy hair pieces in the palm of your hand.

  • Brushing wavy hair extensions' curls:

When you brush your wavy hair extensions, the strands will stretch out and the curls will lose their definition, especially if the brush has tight teeth. As a result, gently untangle the curls by hand as opposed to using a hard teeth brush.

  • While you sleep, guard your wavy hair extensions' curls:

Every night before you go to bed, put on a bonnet. This cap's silk texture aids in maintaining the shape and moisture of your wavy curls. If you don't have a hat, you might substitute a silk scarf.


You can achieve stunning volume and fantastic length with wavy hair extensions. Virgin human hair can withstand the heat from curling irons, straighteners, and other styling tools, allowing for endless styling possibilities for wavy hair extensions. 

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Grab your favorite hairpiece today and slay the hair game!