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What is Yaki Hair and Why is it Trending?

As we know, wigs, weaves and extensions are the preferred choice of products when we want to switch up our look. But with an increase in the influx of choices between brands and products, one is bound to get confused.

So today we want to try and clear some of your confusion, and answer some questions about one of the leading hair products - Yaki Hair.

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What is Yaki Hair?

What is Yaki Hair? What makes it so popular and why is it trending? What is the difference between Virgin, Remy and Yaki Hair? What are the different types of Yaki Hair? How do you style such hair?

Woah, isn’t that a lot? But no worries! We’re here to bring you some clarity. Let’s dive right in to answer all these questions!

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What is Yaki Hair?

Yaki hair is textured hair that adds volume, length, style, color or all of the above to your own natural hair.

Simply put, the texture of Yaki Hair is designed to mimic chemically-relaxed Caribbean or Afro-Caribbean hair. 

It closely resembles the natural kinky hair texture of populations of the African community, their diaspora, and some Southeast Asian communities, and that is why it is the preferred choice of many colored women.

Yaki hair is perfect for those looking for a more natural appearance, as opposed to having a sleekly styled appearance which can border on looking too made-up! 

Even within Yaki Hair, there is a horde of different choices for the quality of hair, the method of application, or the type of style to suit your unique hair type and preferences.

Virgin, Yaki or Remy Hair

 Virgin, Remy or Yaki curly hair

What is the difference between Virgin, Remy and Yaki Hair?

Virgin, Remy and Yaki Hair are terms you hear very often when speaking of hair and it is normal to get confused between them.

So what’s the deal with all of these?

Virgin Hair

Let’s start with the basics. Virgin hair is natural human hair that has never been dyed, colored, permed or chemically treated.

Hard to believe right? Truth is, there are many hair donors, especially hailing from countries like India where shaving heads and donating hair is considered to be a sacred ritual.

India Hair International is the leading brand for human hair wigs, with a promise to deliver only the highest quality hair care products.

So, very often hair for wigs is sourced from temples, where such activities are prevalent. If you’re lucky, there is a chance that this kind of natural virgin hair has never even been blow-dried!

Since there’s no damage done to the hair strands, be it due to chemicals or heat, virgin hair is the strongest. This makes it an ideal hair type for wigs, as they last longer for multiple wears.

This healthy set of hair is very big in the wig market, and it is one of the best investments customers can make.

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Virgin Indian Human Hair is the best that it can get!

Remy Hair

Now moving on to remy hair. You’ve probably seen this term used a lot, and here’s what it actually means.

Remy hair is the ultimate option for wig lovers - it is simply the best among the best. 

Remy refers to the quality or grade of the hair - which, as we mentioned before, is the highest one can get. 

It is 100% human hair wigs that usually hails from a single donor. Else, it comes from a select few donors and is hair that has been cut or shaved straight from the scalp.

In such cases the cuticles of hair are still attached. This helps hair retain its luster and shine. The intact cuticles give the hair an extra layer of protection.

Hair strands also all face the same direction from root to tip, which is not the case with non-remy or synthetic hair. 

Same facing hair strands make the hair look smooth and sleek. Another added benefit of uni-direction hair strands is that they are less likely to knot or tangle!

Remy hair can be virgin or not. This simply refers to whether the hair has been exposed to treatment prior to it being sourced for wigs or not.

Since it is real human hair, remy hair wigs can be washed, dyed, cut or styled just as you would your own natural hair. Heat treatments - although we don’t recommend them - are also safe on such hair.

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Remy hair is sourced from a single donor

Non-Remy hair

Remember, non-remy hair and synthetic hair are not synonymous! Non-remy hair can also be real human hair. It is simply sourced differently than remy hair.

Rather than being collected directly from the donor’s scalp, non-remy hair is often collected from salons, hairbrushes or other ‘fallen’ strands.

It is a possibility that non-remy hair may have its hair cuticles intact, but they will flow in different directions, rather than all being uni-direction.

Non-remy hair usually has a shorter life span as it is not as strong or healthy as remy hair. It is also prone to becoming more tangled, knotted and losing its luster and shine.

Yaki Hair

Now that you’ve gotten the ABCs of hair on your fingertips, it’s finally time to talk about Yaki Hair!

As we mentioned before, Yaki Hair is the texture of hair, and not the grade of hair.

To get the desired Afro-Caribbean hair look, hair strands undergo a (harmless!) steaming process to achieve micro-kinks. 

This mimics the look of natural kinky hair that has been relaxed or straightened.

Since each individual strand is specially processed, they have light waves in them which adds to the overall texture of the hair extension.

Yaki Hair texture is available in virgin, remy, non-remy and even synthetic types of hair.

Where remy hair provides a silky smooth and straight look, Yaki Hair has more texture and oomph to it.

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Types of Yaki Hair

There’s more to Yaki Hair! Yaki Hair is further available in four types of processed textures. These are Silky or Straight Yaki Hair, Regular Yaki Hair, Kinky Yaki Hair and Coarse or Kinky Curly Yaki Hair.

 To know more about these types, read ahead!

1: Silky or Straight Yaki Hair

Silky Yaki or Yaki Straight are common names of this type of hair extension. It simply refers to Yaki Hair that has been made to look like relaxed, flat-ironed or straightened kinky hair.

So, even though it offers a silky and lightweight texture, when observed closely the micro-kinks will be visible on the hair strands. But that’s okay because that’s what makes Yaki Hair unique!

You won’t have to worry about using heat on your own hair with this type of extension.

Yaki Straight Hair is probably one of the most sought-after type of hair extension, simply because it is easy to maintain. 

Going a step ahead, the Virgin Indian Yaki Straight bundle is the best in the wholesale human hair bundles market.

There is no worrying about frizz, tangling or matting anymore!


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Silky or Straight Yaki Hair

2: Regular Yaki Hair

This is a variant of Yaki Straight Hair, but with its own twist. Regular Yaki Hair does resemble the relaxed and straightened look, but it has a more natural hue to it.

Offering more volume and texture, Regular Yaki Hair is not as smooth as Silky Yaki.

This hair texture may be slightly rougher but it does give an au-naturale vibe to the wearer.

Don’t let its description fool you though, Regular Yaki Hair is anything but messy.

It has a more laidback feel to it, and it is perfect for the days you want to look casually chic!

3: Kinky Yaki Hair

Are you ready to embrace your true selves? Kinky Yaki Hair brings you one step closer to your own natural textured hair.

The difference between Silky or Regular Yaki and Kinky Yaki lies in the way the hair has been treated. Whereas Silky and Regular Yaki are flat ironed (lightly) Kinky Yaki Hair has been blown dried to achieve a straight look.

We all know blow-drying hair gives it more volume than when it has been straightened using a flat iron.

Such hair extensions give you a full, fluffy, and thick look. Although still straight, it is much poufier, which might be ideal for all the fun girls’ nights!

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 Kinky Curly Yaki Hair

4: Coarse Yaki or Kinky Curly Yaki Hair

Our hair often speaks volumes and Coarse Yaki or Kinky Curly Yaki Hair is definitely the loudest voice in the room.

This type of Yaki Hair texture is typically free from all treatments.

Coarse Yaki or Kinky Curly Yaki Hair is perhaps the closest you can get to your own naturally kinky African-American hair. It resembles hair that is tightly curled.

Embarking on this path will lead you to hair that is not relaxed and is in full bloom - quite literally 

Coarse Yaki Hair carries a lot of personality and it is for those wishing to impress at first glance.

It shouts glamour, confidence and power! 

Four Trending Hairstyles With Yaki Hair

There are many ways to style Yaki Hair and we love the endless possibilities.


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1: Double-trouble Yaki Straight Braids

A quick and easy way to style your Yaki Straight Hair is to go for two plaits that run straight back.  

This hairstyle works well for more informal events, where you want to look effortlessly chic.

  • Brush your hair out and section it into two.
  • Further section your hair and plait some of your hair from the front along the hairline, as you normally would.
  • Once you reach your ear, begin adding hair from the back to the braid to create a thicker, fuller braid.
  • Braid it down to your desired length and tie it with a hair tie.
  • Repeat on the other side.

India Hair International offers Virgin Indian Yaki Straight Bundle which is the perfect bundle for this hairstyle!


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2: Retro Half-Up Half-Down Regular Yaki Style

This style is perfect for a fun day event where you want to show off your new tresses.

  • Part your hair into two.
  • Section some face-framing strands from the front.
  • Section your hair horizontally and take the top half up into a high ponytail.
  • Secure with a hair tie. You can additionally take a strand of hair and wrap it around your hair tie to conceal it. Pin the strand to the bottom of your ponytail.
  • Let the rest of your hair flow freely.

What we love about this style is that it’s so versatile and can be used with Yaki Straight Hair as well. India Hair International’s Virgin Brazilian Yaki Straight Bundle is ideal to try this and so many more styles!

3: Classic Kinky Yaki Ponytail

Kinky Yaki Hair already holds so much power within its confident look that you don’t need to do much to it.

  • Once your yaki hair weave is tightly secured on your head, simply take all the hair back and tie it into a high ponytail resting on the crown of your head.
  • Secure it with a hair tie and that’s it! You’re ready to rock this weave.


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Gorgeous Coarse Yaki Hair

4: Accessory Heavy Coarse Yaki

Since Coarse Yaki can be very voluminous there isn’t much you’d want to do to tame it, since that’s the look you’d want to retain.

  • Deep condition your coarse yaki hair prior to styling since it is very important to keep it moisturized.
  • Add clips, small braids, headbands, or colorful scrunchies to your hair as you desire to add some color.

Keep the texture of coarse yaki hair in mind while attempting to try new styles. Brazilian Kinky Curly Hair Wigs are great for adding volume and length to your locks!


Yaki hair tips

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Some Thoughts To Leave You With

Over the years the hair care industry has been thriving. And credit where credit is due - it is all because of the women who are constantly striving to procure only the best of products for their hair and themselves 

And rightfully so! There is no shame in spending some of our own hard-earned money to take care of ourselves.

If you’re in the market for hair that provides glamour and can cater to your urge to switch things up instantly, yaki hair is right for you. 

Yaki hair requires low maintenance and makes for a great alternative to protective styles or elaborate weaves, and can help your hair grow out naturally, eliminating any awkward growth stages or split ends.

If you’re wondering how to install your Yaki Hair, A Beginner’s Guide To Glueless Wigs might be of help to you.

Which Yaki Hair type are you going to try next?