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All You Need to Know About Skunk Stripe Hair

Skunk stripe hair is all over the internet today, but everyone is still baffled with what it means?

And it's likely that you came here with the same urge to learn more about “Skunk Stripe Hair”.

Well, you’ve just got where you need to be. 

Skunk stripe hair has now exploded into the mainstream appeal, with celebrities sporting them. Skunk hair is an uptake on the chunky highlights from the 90s, and it’s no less flattering! 

skunk stripe hair dye

Everything there is to know about skunk stripe hair

Switching up your look into something sophisticated can be downright terrifying, but, trust us, this latest color trend is what you’ll need to make a major hair transformation. 

Learn everything there is to know about skunk stripe hair, including how to apply it.  

What Exactly Is Skunk Stripe Hair?  

blue skunk stripe hair

The newest blue skunk stripe hair  

Skunk hair is the newest evolution of chunky highlights, and it's achieved by dyeing a strand (or strands) of black hair in a contrasting color.  

This dual-toned hair makes all the impossibilities of blending light and dark color now possible. At the least, it is so cool and edgy! 

It is pretty self-explanatory that the lovely black and white animal inspire this latest hair trend.

The style is usually done with striking colors like red, platinum, blonde, orange, and more.  

How To Create Skunk Stripe Hair   

natural skunk stripe hair

Guide to creating skunk stripe hair at home

A word of caution: Trying to achieve the highlights perfectly at one go can put your hair through a lot of unnecessary damage. Although some things are best left to the experts, here are the general DIY tips for pulling off this look:

 Step #1. Create Color Contrast 

Skunk stripe hair is easily achievable but it needs to stand out more than typical highlighting procedures like chunky highlights. 

The first pre-requisite of achieving skunk stripe hair look is getting full black hair. Try straight Indian hair bundles or lace front wigs for getting the base hair correct. 

The skunk hair look is incomplete without black hair. 

With colored stripes, this style allows you to experiment with a few three- or four-level ribbons rather than uplifting the hair one or two shades lighter than the root.

Similarly, when it comes to lowlights, don't be afraid to play around with more depth to create more stunning contrast.  

Step #2. Perfecting The Skunk Hair Highlights  

Get started with your choice of skunk hair color. Use hair color rings to choose your perfect highlight.
Apply a front hair highlight, often known as a money piece, one of the most trendy ways to accomplish the look.

These face-framing highlights maintain distinction in the front of the hair, allowing you to use a softer hue across the rest of your tresses.

Break these portions up into two or more foils: one starting from the very front root and one or two more that start slightly lower down.

It'll appear as though there's just one thick highlight, but with a gentler transition. 

Step #3. Add Skunk Stripes Through The Lengths 

Consider experimenting with the freehand balayage technique if your clients prefer their skunk stripe hair to appear all through the lengths – not just the face-framing portions. 

Starting at the root, skunk stripe hair can become more vivid, but stroking them through the hair shafts and all the way down gives it a more seamless look that flatters almost everyone. 

How To Maintain Skunk Stripe Hair? 

skunk stripe hair black girl dyed

Natural and healthy skunk stripe hair

Color-treating your hair can make it start to feel dry and brittle, so using the right products and getting into a proper hair care regimen is the key.  

Whether you choose to have skunk highlights or lowlights, your hair is susceptible to breakage if it is not well cared for. A healthy hair retains color better, whereas damaged hair begins to fade. 

Here are a few excellent tips on how to maintain healthy hair at home:

  • Wash your skunk stripe hair in cold or lukewarm water to avoid washing off the color. 
  • Washing your skunk stripe hair too often can remove the color away – the more you wash your skunk hair, the more the color is removed.
  • Use proper shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair, as well as a color-depositing mask.
  • Avoid using too much heat on your hair and take a break from your hot tools.
  • Applying skunk stripes to your hair can make it lose its natural color. It also depletes the hydration and suppleness of your hair. For this reason, utilizing the right products is critical to preventing the loss of its nutrients.
  • Hire a stylist who can examine your hair and tailor your appearance and product recommendations to your hair's specific requirements.

5 Skunk Stripe Hair Trends That We Love 

There are one and a million ways to style skunk stripe hair. You can play around with the look to create your own styles and trend. 

We've compiled 7 of the hottest skunk hair trends that are worth checking out; read on!  

#1. The Basic Skunk  

skunk stripe hair black girl 2022

Basic skunk stripe hair that frames your frames effortlessly 

Here's a basic skunk look that is easy yet fun and flattering to wear. This look is defined by a dark root color, usually black or brunette, with a contrasting white or grey stripe framing the face.

It's similar to how curtain bangs effortlessly frame your face. 

#2. Skunk Ponytail  

skunk stripe hairstyle

Flaunt your brightly colored skunk stripe hair ponytail

This is another skunk stripe hair trend that can be achieved by dying the back of your hair. The stripe is only visible in the ponytail, enhancing the color contrasts. Toss your hair back to a ponytail for a more daring and edgy style! 

You can achieve this look with colored clip-in hair extensions.

#3. Subtly Striped Bob   

skunk stripe hair tiktok

Get this clean edgy bob with skunk stripe hair

This style takes the classic skunk look and subtly adapts it to a bob hairdo. The hair tips are horizontally highlighted for a pleasant effect, creating a striking edge line for the bob.

Although this is a simple haircut, it stands out due to the contrasting colors and short hair. This is an ideal look if you want a skunk-inspired haircut but don't want to go overboard.

#4. Wavy And Edgy Skunk 

skunk stripe in hairConsider incorporating a set of skunk stripe hair on wavy bob and long bob hairstyle

This look is all about the sea-like waves with dyed ends, and it's another subtle spin on the basic skunk look.

It's a lob (long bob) with a distinctive double-toned ombre appearance. This hairstyle stands out because the tresses are split horizontally into two contrasting colors with no progressive fade between the hues.

Get this look with deep wave hair bundles and get your tresses colored to your favorite skunk highlights.

#5. Half And Half Skunk 

skunk stripe hairstyle black girl

Flaunt a skunk stripe hair that splits your hair into two contrasting colors

If you want to go all out, split the colors right down the center to get a huge skunk stripe hair.

This does a fantastic job of exuding the skunk stripe's attitude, but it's also a distinct aesthetic in its own way. 

Bottom Line  

Skunk stripe hair is characterized by a contrasting streak of hair that can be styled endlessly. This is frequently used with curtain hairstyles, with a bold stripe in the front and black hair.

However, you can take this style up a notch with all kinds of colors. So, expand your horizons, make your own rules, and set the trend! 

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