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How to start a hair business with wholesale virgin hair bundles

Extensions, braids, personalized wigs, and hairpieces are all popular uses for human hair extensions/wigs.

Because human hair is such a sought-after product with extensive easy application procedures and durability, understanding how to establish a business selling human hair for hair extensions/wigs can be lucrative. 

Human hair is a premium type of hair since it is the most natural and versatile in terms of texture and strength in comparison to synthetics. It can be heat-styled and colored without causing damage.

Here's a complete guide to starting a hair business with human hair wholesale virgin hair bundles business.

Read on to find out:

  • how you can start a hair business in general,
  • what you need to do before starting,
  • and where you can get the best wholesale virgin hair bundles that are quality assured.

Let's get into it!

Effective Ways To Start A Wholesale Virgin Hair Bundles Business:

Virgin Hair

Know about your customer’s needs and wants

Making a business plan is the first step in starting your own wholesale virgin hair bundles business or other hair-related business.

Your business plan should contain a wide range of information about the company and the product you want to sell.

You should concentrate on possible expenditures, business activities, and where you can get the best hair wholesale deals on the market.

To start, we suggest you take a look at Indian Hair International because we offer wholesale virgin hair bundles deals that are too good to let go of. 

So, let us see 8 secrets to starting a successful hair business:

1. Research and Know About Your Products Thoroughly

collection of hair extensions

variety of hair extensions

To better serve your customers, learn about weaves and the varieties of human hair extensions available, as well as the differences between the varieties of synthetic and human hair weaves.

You must also advise consumers on the best hair to use for various extensions, wigs, and braids.

You can also research wholesale products that are in the market. With that said, you can get better deals for wholesale virgin hair bundles on the Indian Hair International website itself.

You do not have to go through all other websites, but it is always advisable to compare prices to get profitable deals.

2. Pick Where You Want To Sell Your Product

hair salon

Retail store

You can successfully distribute wholesale virgin hair bundles by opening a retail store or an online distribution channel.

If you're starting an internet business and don't intend to create a physical location, you'll need to find a storage area that's free of dirt and dust.

A warehouse or commercial storage facility are choices, but you can simply store items in a spare garage or closet using air-tight storage containers.

Virgin hair bundles need extra care, so you need to be mindful about how you store them to distribute them.

Do not worry too much because you will not damage it as long as they are not twisted or bent rigorously.

3. Find A Wholesaler

wholesale hair bundles Wholesale hair bundles

Set up proper wholesale accounts with manufacturers and brands of human hair; Indian Hair International can be a good start for you if you are looking for quality products at a reasonable rate.

To get the lowest prices, it is advisable that you work directly with us because you will be able to test its quality and find the best prices for wholesale virgin hair bundles.

4. Providing Customer Incentives Is a Must

 hairstylist showing color extensions to customer

Keep customers coming back for more

Thousands of beauty supply stores sell a wide choice of wholesale virgin hair bundles around the country.

You must give customers a good reason to choose your company above the competitors.

To attract more customers, you may need to give discounts, vouchers, or gifts so that you will gain trust and positive customer feedback.

5. Diversify Your Hair Products

 hair extensions accessories

Hair extensions application tools

Selling wholesale virgin hair bundles alone will not be sufficient to make your hair business profitable.

You may need to sell things like bonding glue, hair razors, and weaving needles, which are commonly used to weave human hair.

Because your customers are likely to need these things, why not take advantage of the opportunity to earn some extra cash?

Many distributors also sell wholesale weaving supplies, so their customers do not have to visit other stores for essentials that are needed for hair bundles, extensions, and wigs. 

6. Promote Your Business

 promotional hair event

Promotional events

If you offer wholesale virgin hair bundles online, create and update social media profiles frequently, launch a blog with hair-styling suggestions, or place ads on forums and websites where your target clients are frequently visiting.

You need to be active and have your social media presence because you will be able to know more about your customer's needs and wants and provide them the assistance accordingly.

If you have a physical store, get your name out there by hosting or sponsorship program for hair fashion shows or other similar events.

You may also donate wigs for persons who have lost their hair due to medical reasons. This will give you a personal sense of accomplishment and may lead to media attention and brand trust.

7. Market Your Hair Business

african women checking social media
Use social media to spread awareness
Promoting the wholesale virgin hair bundles or hair business, according to entrepreneurs, is costly.

This isn't the case at all. In reality, using low-cost marketing tactics might save you a lot of money.

Instead of printing many brochures or leaflets, you can promote your business by creating a website. You may quickly attract the attention of a large number of customers by using web marketing.

You can advertise your hair products on social media networks. Don't worry about the products.

Indian Hair International will supply them on schedule, wherever and whenever you require them; all you need to do is be willing to go a step further in marketing your products to as many clients as possible.

8.  Check Trusted Wholesale Virgin Hair Bundles Distributors  

wholesale distributor

Wholesale distributor following industry standards

Checking the internet or using our wholesale service in our all-in-one wholesale virgin hair bundles package is the simplest method to start a hair business.

We'll also let you do a quality test before making your first purchase, so you'll know precisely what kind of product you're getting and dealing with.

You do not have to worry about the quality standards because we only provide premium quality products for the best prices available.

Hair Bundles Offered By Indian Hair International

hairstylist checking hair strength

100% remy hair

The virgin human wholesale virgin hair bundles at Indian Hair International is 100% Remy human hair.

The hair strand is collected from one donor with all the cuticles attached facing the same direction.

The bundles are then machine wefted with precision without any use of chemicals.

The hair bundles that you will get from us will be of premium quality, and you will not regret doing business with us.

Below are our wholesale virgin hair bundles that you can take a look at for yourself and compare with other hair dealers.

The best thing about doing business with us is that you can take the bundles for a quality test to know what product you are dealing with.


wholesale bundle 1

Virgin Indian wholesale bundle deal

The wholesale bundle deals that we offer are for you to grab the best wholesale virgin hair bundles if you are planning on starting a business. You can choose from various textures and receive machine wefted pieces that are made with precision. Given below are the lengths you can choose from:

  • 12" Pieces
  • 14" Pieces
  • 16" Pieces
  • 18" Pieces


Wholesale bundle 2
Virgin Indian wholesale bundle deal

The wholesale bundle deals for virgin Indian hair at Indian Hair International will fill all the requirements that you might have while purchasing wholesale virgin hair bundles for your business. There are various textures to choose from that are machine wefted with precision. Given below are the lengths you can choose from:

16" Pieces

18" Pieces

20" Pieces

22" Pieces


Now that you have some idea about effectively starting your hair business with wholesale virgin hair bundles, it is in your hands to make it a success because the products that Indian Hair International will meet all the quality requirements with best prices that no other business can offer for a startup.

Moreover, it will help you build trust of customers with quality products.

Also if you are already on the track of running a hair business, you can choose us and forget about losing your next client because we are confident that our products are of premium quality.

Visit our website, take a look yourself, and grab the best deals for all hair products.