Wig Length Chart

How to use a Wig Length Chart to find Your Perfect Wig

Are you planning to get a wig for the first time? Without a doubt, finding the perfect wig that suits you best can be a daunting task. 

Well, we have a quick solution that will save you the stress. Consider using a wig length chart to ensure that everything is right before adding a wig to your cart.

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 Use a wig length chart to get the perfect hair wig 

When it comes to purchasing a wig, there are a few things to keep in mind. Starting off, you must be well aware of the style, texture, and length.

In this blog post, you'll learn why having the perfect wig length is essential and how to pick the right one using a wig length chart: 

What Is A Wig Length Chart?   

wig length chart

Hair Length Chart with All Aspects of Hair Length Covered

When shopping for wigs, you’ll probably notice that they come in various lengths and sizes. But have you ever wondered how they measure it to get you the right wig size 

A wig length chart is a visual tool used to help you find the right hair wig for yourself.  

The length of a wig is measured from the root to the tip. Curly and wavy hair is measured the same way, but they are stretched to get an accurate measurement. 

What Hair Length Do Wigs Come in?

 The most common wig length ranges from 8 to 32 inches. This is not something new, given that these lengths provide just enough hair for rocking a bob to long flowing tresses and everything in between.  

The wig lengths mentioned above can be classified into four general categories:

1: Short Length

Short wigs are anywhere from 10 inches long and less.

    2: Medium/shoulder Length

    Shoulder-length wigs range from 12 to 16 inches.

      3: Long Length

      Long-length wigs range from 18 to 24 inches.

        4: Extra Long

        Wigs that are 26 inches or longer are considered extra-long 

          Wig Length Chart

          To help you better understand the lengths, we've included a wig length chart that shows what to anticipate with each of the above hair lengths. 

          This will give you a clear idea of where the hair will fall once it's placed, and it will also help you determine whether or not a particular length is appropriate for you.

          Understanding Wig Length 

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          How to Choose Your Wig Hair Length

          Wig length is measured in a certain way, and understanding how it's done will help you find the right wig length for you.

          Wig length is usually measured from the roots to the tip of the hair. This may seem easier said, but it can be downright terrifying when considering various textures like wavy and curly hair.  

          How Do You Know Your Wig Is True To Its Length?

          The length of your wig is directly proportional to its texture. Let’s dive deeper into how the different hair textures length are measured:

          Straight hair:

          Sleek straight hair is almost always true to length. However, keep in mind that some hair vendors measure it before attaching it to a wig cap, resulting in slight alterations.

          Curly hair:

          Remember that curly hair is measured by pulling it straight. Because of their twisty pattern, they can appear shorter than they are.

          You should account for this and get hair that is a few inches longer than you think you’ll need. 

          Wavy hair:

          Like curly hair, wavy hair is also measured by stretching them out, and it comes up a bit short when you place them.  

          How To Measure Wig Length 

          curly wig length chart

          Pull a strand of hair to measure your hair on the wig length chart

          Before we show you how to measure a wig, let's fill you with one more important thing: Most measurements on a wig's packaging refer to how long the hair will be after it's in place 

          Here's a quick lesson on how to measure the length of your hair in wigs in three easy steps:

          Step 1:

          Place the hair wig on a mannequin head or lay it on a flat surface. If you’re using curly or wavy wigs, pull them straight to get an accurate measurement.

          Step 2:

          Place a measuring tape on the crown and pull it all the way to the very tip of the wig. If you are measuring it on your head, make sure that your head and chin are straight.

          If you aren’t sure from which point of the crown to begin, place one end of your measuring tape where the head starts to slope downward, or the root of where your hair begins. 

          Step 3:

          Keep a record of the measurement. If the wig is asymmetrical, you may want to take measurements on both sides to better understand where the hair will fall once it's set. 

          How To Choose Your Best Hair Length  

          best hair length

          Consider best hair length for face shape

          It's essential to remember that the wig length chart provides you with an estimation. Aside from the wig's length, there are a few other ways to ensure that you get the right wig.

          Here are some other factors that go into play when choosing the right hair length for your next wig: 

          1: Your Height

          When it comes to wig length, your height plays a huge role. Why? Because the length of your wig can either enhance your look or work against it.

          For example, if you are a little less tall, a short or mid-length wig can create a delusion that you are taller than you actually are.

          2: Consider Your Face Shape

          When choosing a wig hair length, it's crucial to think about your facial shape. You can wear almost any wig length if you have an elongated face.

          Longer lengths will better suit a round face shape. A short hair wig will look best on you if you have a boxy face. 

          3: Keep It Little Longer  

          Going for a longer option is always a safe bet because you can always chop off the extra inches. When you're dealing with short wigs, you'll have to cut a few inches off your natural hair to make ends meet.  

          Bottom Line 

          If you're new to wigs, you now have everything you need to know when choosing the perfect wig length for you. Make sure to test your next wig on a wig length chart to find the most suitable wig.

          If you're still undecided about which wig length to choose, try on a few to see which one suits you best. Shop Virgin Indian Hair Wigs for true-to-length wigs that look unbelievably realistic.

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