Raccoon Tail Hair

What Every Hairstylist Should Know About Raccoon Tail Hair

If you haven't heard already, raccoon tail hair, often known as ‘coontail, is becoming one of the hottest color-treated hair trends. If you’re new to this, you must be baffled by what raccoon tail hair is and why it matters?
Don’t fret; we've got you covered! Let us help you debunk any confusions you may have about the trendy ‘coontails'.
Raccoon tail hair

What Is Raccoon Tail Hair?  

The multi-color strip hair trend was huge in the early 2000s, and, like most hair trends, it has made a comeback this season.

Of course, with a new rendition, which is why it's becoming one of the most popular client demands in salons.   

The style features highlighted tresses placed horizontally in contrast with the base hair color. 

Raccoon tail hair can be achieved by bleaching, coloring, or simply clipping on hair extensions.

As the name implies, the style takes its name from the adorable animal, the raccoon's fur pattern. 

coon tail hair
raccoon stripe hair

Raccoon tail hair looks edgy, gives a cool effect, and makes one stand out. Sounds intriguing? Keep reading to learn how to give your client the best raccoon tail hair and what styles are trending. 

How To Style Raccoon Tail Hair  

blonde raccoon tail hair trend (also known as coontail)


Thanks to the multi-toned hair, it makes all the impossibilities of mixing contrasting colors like red and green now possible. 

The raccoon tail hair is usually combined with striking colors like red, platinum, blonde, green, and more.  

For jet black hair, such as in Virgin Indian Straight Lace Front Wig, it may take more than two sessions to achieve the desired color; you'll have to repeat the process repeatedly.  

A word of caution: trying to achieve the perfect raccoon tail hair in one go can put your client’s precious wigs, weaves, and extensions through unnecessary damage. So, give the hair a break before coloring them repeatedly. 

Here are some tried-and-true hacks for pulling off this look:

#1. Gather Your Tools   

where to get raccoon tail hair extensions
Gather the essentials for styling raccoon tail hair


There are many ways to do the raccoon tail hair, and we will run you down through the most common technique. But first, gather your tools:

  • Hair color or bleach powder
  • Tape for painting or translucent tape
  • Hair clips
  • A brush and a plastic bowl.  

#2. Section The Hair 

First off, decide where you want to place the coon tail hair' on your client's hair.

If you use the step cutting method, the nape of the neck and the front are the most common areas to let the raccoon tail hair fall. 

To prevent bleaching the entire head, section the hair, secure them with hair clips, and gather the rest of the client's tresses into a ponytail.   

#3. Create A Bleaching Stencil With The Tape 

Place tape pieces evenly across the strand, leaving one and a half to two inches between each tape. The holes between the tape will be filled with bleach to recreate this look.  Virgin Indian Hair
Coontail extensions made of Virgin Indian Hair

#4. Prep The Solution For Dyeing  

If the client’s hair is jet black or light, it must be bleached to achieve the raccoon tail effect. When bleaching the hair, the mix should be able to lighten it by 6-7 shades. 

For this reason, you'll need to combine a 30-40% developer with the bleaching powder. You'll need black hair dye for platinum and blonde hues.

#5. Apply The Solution    

Now comes the most anticipated part. Apply the solution to the strand that you want to transform into raccoon tail hair. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes to ensure that the color is absorbed, then wash it off.     

Once you've applied hair color, secure your client’s hair with a shower cap. It will retain the heat inside the shower cap and make their hair more color-receptive.  

#6. Remove The Tape And Let Your Client’s Hair Dry

Now that you've washed the solution dry your client’s hair with a microfiber towel. Make sure to treat the hair gently and avoid rubbing it vigorously. Remove the tape once the hair is completely dry. 

These measures prevent so-called bleeding: when the darker color washes off and stains the lighter color. 

#7. Styling ‘Coontail With Extensions   

raccoon striped hair
Raccoon tail hair extensions

Without a doubt, deep dyeing natural hair for the raccoon hair tail effect can damage your client's hair.

So when your loyal customers come to you with the demand to rock the latest trend, direct them towards wigs, weaves, hair bundles, and hair extensions instead.

To avoid damaging hair and bring out the best results for your clients, consider experimenting with Virgin Indian Hair Bundles.  

Follow the steps below to style ‘coontail' with virgin hair extensions:   

  • When your client brings their freshly purchased virgin Indian hair to you, brush it properly to get rid of any tangles. Make sure to avoid brushing the hair vigorously. 
  • As mentioned earlier, use duct tape and tape them evenly on the hair at intervals of over an inch. 
  • Dye the Indian virgin hair and let it absorb the color for at least 30 minutes before rinsing it off. 
  • Then dry the hair and simply install them to your client’s natural hair.  

There you have it. With various virgin Indian hair textures, you can help your clients flaunt the raccoon hair tail whenever and however they like without causing any damage to their natural tresses.  

The Most Popular Raccoon Tail Hair Styles

If you're looking for some ‘coontail ideas’ for your clients, here is all the raccoon tail hair inspiration you'll ever need.

These hairstyles, as you can see, are suitable for all hair lengths. Those who like longer tails can experiment with virgin hair extensions.

We've included the most stunning ideas for this stylish hairstyle below. 

#1. Reverse Raccoon Hair    

raccoon tail hair 2022
Steal this dark and soft blond racoon. Photo credit: instagram.com/lizzisloxhair

Colored stripes on black hair are typical of raccoon hair, but why not try something different?

This new take on the look replaces the original appearance with a softer blonde base with black stripes running through it.  

Although this is a basic raccoon tail hair, the bright and bold contrast makes it stand out. This is the style for the clients who are seeking ‘coontails that don't look overdone.

#2. Raccoon Tail Hair Highlights   

emo raccoon tail hair
Give your clients the latest and trendiest hairstyle with raccoon tail hair extension

Just because your clients want to stay abreast of the trend, it doesn't mean you color their entire head!
Consider highlighting your customer’s hair partially. It is an excellent way to experiment on a few strands before going all out. 

Your clients can choose from classic black raccoon tail hair to lighter, fresh versions. No matter which color they choose to wear, this style is a fun opportunity to experiment with bold colors. 

#3. Keep It Vibrant   

Do your customers want to set the trend by incorporating their choice of colors? Play around with bold colors and varying lengths when trying out the raccoon tail hair trend.

This look is all about adding contrasting colors that exude a bold and edgy feel, and it's a subtle twist on basic raccoon tail hair with no gradual fade between the colors.  

Bottom Line 

Raccoon tail hair is identified by distinctive hair colors that provide endless styling options. With vivid colors blending to create a stunning effect, ‘coontail is ideal for any hairstyle. 

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